Thursday, March 20, 2008

VSL's March Madness Begins

Vanderbilt tips off tomorrow in Tampa, so for VSL Nation, today is a great day to watch basketball without the nerves that go long with the Commodores taking the floor. Before enjoying today's games, be sure and sign up for the Vanderbilt Sports Line Bracket Challenge on (group: Vanderbilt Sports Line; password: Passw0rd), and checking out the following articles:

The Man We Love to Hait's got a great piece in today's Nashville City Paper recapping Vanderbilt's recent success, and how Coach Stallings' vision is "coming to fruition."

Mo Patton's got a similar piece in today's Tennessean about Vanderbilt's "Back-to-back" NCAA Tournament Appearances being a long time coming.

Despite Jason's resistance to anything Biddle, I think Joe Biddle's got a good column in today's Tennessean, that while somewhat obvious, is worth a read regarding Vanderbilt's need to rebound if they are going to make it to weekend 2.

Brett Hait likes the Commodores' Odds in today's Nashville Ballerz. As you'll notice, the committee's seeding us a 4 rather than a 5 is significant when calculating the likelihood of success. In fact, the only drop-off as significant between seeds typically advancing and falling victim to an upset is the difference between the 1 and 2 seed.

Props to Marv from Who Ya With for posting this on the Lunardi thread:
Parrish from

"7:20 ET: Siena over Vanderbilt seems to be the sexy pick of an example where a No. 13 seed can beat a No. 4 seed. This is based on Siena's win over Stanford. That's all anybody remembers. Me? I remember Siena losing to Memphis by 44. So you be sexy and I'll take Vandy."

At least someone is thinking rationally. Same thing happened last year and what happened? Vanderbilt laid down the hammer to a "sleeper" George Washington. Also, a quick word on Lunardi, I know that he got the "field correct," but his seedings (particularly Vanderbilt

Finally, check out's Tournament Central for game previews, interviews, and other pertinent information. If you are a part of VSL Nation and will be making a trip to Tampa, send an email to the newsroom as we'd love to have some "dispatches."

Enjoy the games...Bobby out.

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