Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Live Blogging Kentucky

Halftime Update:
That was the best half of basketball I have ever seen. Ever. Period.
Shan Foster looked like Reggie Miller. He moved without the ball as well as I have ever seen him play.

As Seamus just said, aren't you glad this game is nationally televised?


One, Vanderbilt as a 10 seed is simply not credible. Joe Lunardi is way off.

Two,given UK's foul problems down low, they should work the offense through AJ for the rest of the half.

Three, that kid in the Vanderbilt student section needs to either a) leave, or b) get a box of tissues, because it looks like he just found out his dog got run over by the mailman.

This is the best this team has looked all season long.

The offense is balanced, the defense is aggressive, and the ball is being taken care of. 9-12 from the floor helps; UK's 6 turnovers in 10 minutes helps; and the fact that this team is playing with loads of confidence doesn't hurt either.

I know you're watching, and I know you are checking VSL, so get into it.

What are you impressed with so far? And what do you make of Jimmy Dykes' pronouncement that Kevin Stallings is one of the 5 best offensive minds in college basketball?


Unknown said...

Addition to the Vanderbilt nationally televised drinking game - every time the announcer talks about Shan as a screener, take a drink.

I must say I do enjoy the positive commentary about the Dores this time around, though.

Anonymous said...

Now you know what its like to be a Gator fan. Blowing people out is fun huh?

j4u said...

how pathetic are we to boo an injured player of the opposing team during the final minute of tonight's vandy-msu basketball team. i thought we had more class than that. do we not know that they will just come in and kick our butts in football????? come on people. the fans who wear orange look better than us