Thursday, January 17, 2008

Halftime Report

First off, don't panic. We haven't hit a 3 yet, haven't shot particularly well, and handled the press. Despite having 12 turnovers, those turnovers have come almost entirely in the half court or Alan Metcalfe throwing the ball away after getting a rebound.

Good news VSL Nation, there are signs of life from Ross.

Bad new, we have yet to run an offense in the half court.

Crocodile OG has proven himself to be a force in the second half (see his production @ Kentucky) and needs to be a factor if Vanderbilt is going to get back in the game.

Shan Foster needs to show why he is the odds on favorite for SEC Player of the Year and keep this game close.

The first 4 minutes will be key, but the most important thing is Vanderbilt putting themselves in a postion to win.

The only way for Vanderbilt to get back in this game:
1. Limit turnovers and second chance shots
2. Start hitting some 3's
3. Actually run an offense.
4. Convert from the charity stripe.

Hopefully this is a second half team, because if they aren't, we are look at a 2 game decifit after 3 league games.


Anonymous said...

nice life from ross tonight. other than that, ugly. what happened to our awesome free throw shooting?

Anonymous said...

Not ready for prime time, yet again.

LSU, then Florida and Ole Miss?

Ouch. They'd better get it figured out.