Friday, December 7, 2007

Andy Katz Picks Vanderbilt to WIN the SEC

Our man Douglas James got some web time with ESPN's Andy Katz. Here's what the ESPN College Basketball Analyst had to say:
Doug (NYC): Vanderbilt? Thoughts? C'mon they have to be one of the bigger surprises so far this season right?

Andy Katz: Like them a lot. I would say right now that Vandy is the choice to win the SEC, even over Tennessee. Vandy is playing better basketball and handling late-game situations better than any other team in the league. Foster and Ogilvy have been quite a 1-2 punch for Vandy so far. Kevin Stallings is once again one of the most underrated coaches in the biz.

The only thing missing was a shameless plug for Vanderbilt Sports Line

Vanderbilt looks to improve to 9-0 this Saturday with crosstown Lipscomb coming into Memorial at 8pm in the heartland, 9pm eastern.


Douglas James said...

Someone got Jay Bilas to answer a question about Vandy also

Will (Milwaukee): Jay, what's your impression on Vanderbilt thus far? Are they the best team in the SEC right now?

Jay Bilas: (1:08 PM ET ) I like Vandy. A.J. Ogilvy is really good, and he can really use his body and put it on the deck when he has a big on him. Shan Foster is capable of leading the SEC in scoring, although I woudl not recommend it. I am a huge Kevin Stallings fan. I actually played for him when he was an assistant to Gene Keady for the US National Select Team in 1985. He had hair then.....and so did I.

Anonymous said...

wow, picked to win the SEC huh? let's not get ahead of ourselves. we need to beat the rest of these teams until SEC play starts. let's face it, vandy is known to crumble the more national attention it gets and i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if we got beat by lipscomb or depaul. i hope not, but it wouldn't surprise me

J.B., M.D. said...

Why does Doug (NYC) think we are one of the bigger surprises? It's not a surprise at all. Was he watching March Madness last year? We beat a really good Georgetown team. We have been a good team for a while and this year could be (and so far look) even better.

If we crack the top 10, now that's a surprise.

Douglas James said...

What i meant was that we got little to no preseason hype from the experts even though Foster was returning and Oglivy dominated at the FIBA world championships. I asked various Vanderbilt questions under numerous fake names and in many different forms. This is the one he answered.

Anonymous said...

VU will NOT lose to Lipscomb.

No way.

Free tacos will be enjoyed by all.

plus, remember this:

american idol sucks