Monday, November 26, 2007

Commodore Nation: Now Considered as Unreasonable as Every Other Set of Sports Fans

Thanks to Ben for sending this link into the VSL Newsroom.

Our friend Brian Cook at AOL Sports Fan House gives VSL and the rest of Commodore Nation some love/scorn/indignation/outright mockery for Seamus' post after Saturday's loss capping off an exceptionally disappointing 5-7 season against Wake Forest at home. Cook's post, "This Week In Schadenfreude: Cornelius Vanderbilt's Ghost Is Livid" is great and finally shows that Vanderbilt fans are getting the credit they deserve for being as insane and emotionally invested in our team as any other program in the country. A few recruiting violations, or a crime spree and we are likely to get some run on


Anonymous said...

Houston Baker (check the Durham in Wonderland blog if you don't know who he is) left Duke for a faculty position at...Vanderbilt.

Talk about a crime, or at least a tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Insane and emotionally invested? --by American standards, maybe.