Monday, October 22, 2007

Who Wants an INT?

Vanderbilt currently has the #11 pass defense in Division 1-A (just a fraction of a yard shy of the top ten) and we're #3 in the conference.

D.J. Moore is leading the SEC in interceptions and is tied for #3 in the country in that category. He's also #16 in the nation in solo tackles. Those are All-American numbers given the competition we've played (the two guys ahead of D.J. in INTs nationally play at Florida Atlantic and Air Force).

Moore won SEC Defensive Player of the Week honors after making eight tackles, two interceptions and a pass deflection in Vanderbilt's 17-6 win at #6 South Carolina.

Note: Myron Lewis didn't even play this week due to injury, but is tied for seventh in the nation in passes defended.

This ain't the Vanderbilt defensive secondary of yesteryear. Welcome to the era of the Commie ATH.


Stanimal said...

D.J. Moore's interception in the end zone was absolutely unreal. I cannot recall another instance where I have seen a Vanderbilt DB make that kind of play on a ball. There is little doubt that we now have a phenomenally athletic secondary with Moore, Lewis, and Langford.

Douglas James said...

I thought our D would be improved but the advancement in our secondary is really a great sign for the future. If we had this kind of production out of the DB's last year I realy think we would have easily defeated the Gators (Baker killed us the entire game) And for the first time I really think a Bowl game is a distinct possibility. I think I speak for all law students when i say if we get in a bowl, it better be after finals are over so I can either attend or get rip-roringly drunk in celebration of the 1st Vandy bowl game in my lifetime.

August West said...

As long as this D doesn't wear-down in the home stretch like last year's D, then we should be on the doorstep for a bowl.

One thing that may help stop that slide this year, and which was sorely lacking last year: depth. It seems like there's been more comfort with rotating players on D to keep them fresh than we saw last year.

August West said...

"rip-roringly drunk in celebration of the 1st Vandy bowl game in my lifetime."

Amen to that... The Yazoo brewery better get-to-cranking when/if VU clinches because we're liable to empty every bar in town of Dos Perros for the Music City Bowl!!!

Douglas James said...

Since the Jets are 1-6 I have refocused my NFL energy to draft picks (i know how sad is that) but this was posted on a website that has a single devotion to the draft and though you guys might find it interesting:

As a HUGE Vanderbilt fan I was wondering what your personal views on Chris Williams and Jonathan Goff are. Where you see them being drafted and what are their strengths and weakness?

"Green Bay Scat" on the NFLDC Forums
Coming into their senior years most had Jonathan Goff rated as the better pro prospect but Chris Williams has played so well this season that it is now almost a horse race. There is no question that Williams has the size you look for at 6-6 and 320lbs. but he's also a good athlete with nimble feet and that's a bit reason for his rise up draft boards. I'd like to see him play with more of a nasty demeanor but at this point I think it's safe to say that Williams is in the Day One mix. As for Goff, the injury to Jasper Brinkley probably helps his case since it's one less top prospect he'll have to compete with at his position but he will still likely fall in the Rounds 2-4 area. Personally I really like Goff a lot and he's my #1 rated inside linebacker with Brinkley out of the mix. Goff has great size and is very tough and physical but the big knock on him is his ability to hold up in coverage. So just to sum up I think both Chris Williams and Jonathan Goff will come off the board some point late in the first day or, worst-case, very early on day two.

- Scott Wright, NFL Draft Countdown