Friday, October 5, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Falling Down on the Job, Edition

This law school thing is harder than I thought. As such, you will have to forgive VSL for not previewing the Auburn game as much as we would have liked. To try and make up for it, I figured the least I could do was post a Hotline so you all have something to get you through your Friday.

We'll start with Mo Patton's article on Jeff Jennings' expected return against Auburn in today's Tennessean. The running game will be key for Vanderbilt on Saturday, and I truly believe that the Commies best shot to run the ball effectively is with Jeff Jennings taking the majority of carries. Mo's got some other nuggets in this story that are definitely worth a read.

The Man We Love to Hait's got a story in today's Nashville City Paper on the "Playmaker" D.J. Moore and how he has come on strong so far this season. Great article, and further proof that Vanderbilt is starting to close the athleticism gap.

Earl Bennett is the "One who got away" in Alabama.

Our friends at Star & Stripe things Auburn could be win #4...I hope he's right. The boys at Who Ya With are also jacked up for Saturday's trip to The Plains. has a great primer on "Things to Know about Auburn" that is definitely worth looking over. Here are a couple of notes that I have come across this week that are worth keeping in mind:

1. Auburn is 0-3 in their last 3 Lincoln Financial Games

2. Auburn starts 3 freshman on the offensive line. What this means, is it is imperative for Vanderbilt's front 4 to get some pressure and disrupt Brandon Cox and freshman Kodi Burns who are platooning at QB. Mississippi State got pressure and won...Vanderbilt must do the same thing.

3. Chris Nickson's got to let the game come to him. Unfortunately, he hasn't had a great game this year (putting up huge numbers against Richmond doesn't count). This is another reason why establishing the run is so important, because it will allow him to get comfortable and realize that he doesn't have to do it all himself.

4. Earl Bennett is the best player on Vanderbilt's team. But he is less effective if everyone in the stadium knows the ball is going there. If the running game and get going, and Chris can distribute the ball to George Smith and Sean Walker early, it will set His Name Is up for the "big play"

5. Special Teams needs to make a few plays. D.J. Moore and Alex Washington have made some plays returning punts and kick-offs, and it is extremely important for them to set up a short field for the Commies.

Please chime in on other keys or things that I have inevitably missed, that we should be looking out for on Saturday.

While there is no new information, Mo Patton has a blurb on JeJuan Brown's sudden departure from school in today's Tennessean.

Vanderbilt's 2008 baseball schedule was released yesterday. Fearing no one, the Commies will open up College World Series Champion Oregon State. Here's the schedule and some ink from today's Tennessean.

Everyone enjoy what will almost certainly be a great weekend of football (and baseball).

Bobby, OUT.


Douglas James said...

While I am pumped up for the Aurburn game this weekend the loss of JeJuan really sucks. While Vandy recruits well we always seem to lose a player or two to transfers. I think transfers are more common ins basketball than football or at least more notable because almost every recruit was the man on his high school team and some have a hard time adjusting to being reserves and 2nd stringers. Obviously we don't know why Brown is leaving and I hope he is able to sort out whatever personal problems he has but as a Vandy fan it is frustrating when i feel we are often just one player away from being a big time program and it seems like we lose 1 guy every year.

Aaron said...

So much for Vandy's D this week they have already given up 21 points, and over 200 yards and it is not even half time. Nickson and the O looks awful against Auburns D. DAMNIT!! We can still pull this out if we can generate some offense soon.

Stanimal said...

Welp that wasn't a contest