Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SEC Power Rankings

Here are the rankings from the SEC Blogosphere. Note Arkansas and Vanderbilt are neck and neck

1. LSU (12), 154 points (Still not unanimous. Still way ahead).

2. Florida (1), 144 points

3. Auburn, 123 points

4. Kentucky, 115 points

5. Alabama, 99 points

6. South Carolina, 92 points

7. Georgia, 73 points

8. Tennessee, 63 points

9. Arkansas, 55 points

10. Vanderbilt, 53 points

11. Mississippi State, 30 points

12. Mississippi, 13 points [NOTE: They are unanimous No. 12s]


August West said...

Off topic, but D. Byars was cut yesterday by the 76ers:


Douglas James said...

thats too bad.....part of me thinks if DB can't make a crappy 76'ers team than he wont make it in the league....but also the 76'ers are crowded at his position, he apparently has a back injury and the 76'ers suck for a reason (they are god awful at judging talent) Hopefully he gets healthy and proves himself in the D-league or Europe

Anonymous said...

Nickson in the Tennessean today:

"When something goes wrong in my life, I like to look at myself first and try to see what I could have done to make things different," he said. "Most of the things I came up with related to the injuries I've had — what I could have done differently, what I could have done to help make the team better. It's more of a questioning thing than anything; I don't really have any answers.

"I kind of question myself in a way that, if I'm in that situation again, I can remember what happened to me, what the outcome was of that situation, and try to do something to be a lot better person, a lot better teammate, a lot better player."

What a class act.

Anonymous said...

I've been anything but a homer about the power rankings, but putting Vanderbilt behind Arkansas is utterly irrational. The only way it makes an iota of sense is if performance against schools from the state of Alabama is the only criterion, in which case Miss State and Georgia need to be a lot higher.

Stanimal said...
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