Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Mountain Moving, Edition

It's been a quiet week at VSL, and for that we apologize. Since we haven't gotten you prepared for tonight's tilt against Eastern Michigan, the least we can do is link you to's "Things to Know" for the 4-1-1. This game won't be televised, but you can hear our man Joe Fisher on the call. While I expect Vanderbilt to win this game, I hope this team isn't looking past Eastern Michigan too much. EMU is 2-2, and with a game in Auburn next weekend, Vanderbilt cannot afford to take the Eagles too lightly.

There are 2 pieces in today's Tennessean that are must-reads for Commie Nation. Mo Patton's article circles this game as "necessary" if Vanderbilt is finally going to get to a bowl. We agree.

There's another piece by Adam Sparks that focuses on how "MTSU wants Vandy, and soon" in today's paper. Papa O'Shea is sure to chime in on this one, and we welcome that; all I will say is this is a terrible game for Vanderbilt to schedule. This would be THE BIGGEST game on Middle's schedule and a lose-lose proposition for the Commies. If the Commies win, who cares? The sentiment is "it's just Middle." You have no idea how often I hear about the Commie loss in 2005. And God forbid we lose. Because, after's "just Middle." Again, it wouldn't matter to outside observers that Middle hates Vanderbilt and wants to put a hurt on them every chance they get. I'd be curious to your take on this one, but I think it's a game to stay away from...if Vanderbilt makes it to a BCS Bowl before 2015, we can talk.

Bobby, OUT!


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Vandy gets absolutely nothing out of a MTSU game, win or lose.

Bobby O'Shea said...

The old man is having some technical difficulties, so Papa O'Shea asked me to post this for him:

you're right...i will make a comment or two....

presently, it would be a lose/lose for vandy to play
the raiders....
but ,on the other hand, its a great regional rivalry
and would draw great crowds and local interest...

trust me, no one on west end avenue has any interest
in a richmond, eastern michigan or whatever other
mid-major or1aa team vandy can dig up...

vandy should act like the big boys of the SEC that
they are.....

by the way, any word when vandy will belly-up and pay
mtsu the 50k they owe?? they need to raise
tuition to pay their debts??

finally, if there are any misspelled words,
etc....blame it on that rinky dink school in
mboro......yes, I am a graduate of MTSU..let's go

Anonymous said...

bobby...thank you

Anonymous said...

There are several things to admire about mtsu.

They have a good aviation program.
They recently built an honors college. Some of the girls there look pretty hot.

On the other hand, when it comes to sports, they suck.
Just like American Idol.

The only reason they want to play again (even though VU would beat the tar out of them this year) is so they can find a reason to keep talking about the fluke wins they did get a few years ago. It's the only "glory" they have in the history of their little football program. They already lost to 1-aa WKU this year and last year got demolished (by a MAC team btw) in the bowl they went to by default.

Stanimal said...

The Eastern Michigan was supposed to be a cake walk, so I'm glad we won. But I'm still alarmed that Nickson threw 4 picks. We CANNOT have that many turnovers going into the meat of the schedule.

Boyer in the District said...

What's anonymous doing writing anything remotely sports related?

BP said...

I agree that from a logic standpoint, it makes no sense to schedule MTSU.

HOWEVER...I would still like to see us schedule them for a couple of years only so we can absolutely demolish them and silence their annoying "fans."

I put the word fans in quotation marks because MTSU has no real fans. All of the the people who root for Middle have a superseding allgiance to another "real" school. It's true.

By the way, if you want to see a REAL ass-kicking, let's see Vandy schedule MTSU in men's basketball. I've heard some Middle "fans" clamoring for that, too. Hilarious!

August West said...

Vandy must play Middle to recoup a little dignity... It still makes my skin crawl that we essential were forced to say 'uncle' to a Sun-Belt team.

Unknown said...

Men's basketball? I doubt a team that lost to furman and appalachian state last year will have the Blue Raiders shaking in their boots. But then, unlike vanderbilt and their fans, Middle Tennessee and their fans don't fear playing anyone.

BP said...

Tell me, tom, who did MTSU beat last year in basketball? We beat the #1 team in the nation, not to mention many other top 25 teams, so I don't think we'd be sweating a matchup with "little middle."