Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Keeping the Ball Rolling

As you have no doubt noticed, our posts have been less frequent. I can't say that this going to change any time soon, but we will have a preview for the Ole Miss game later this week, as well as a scouting report from the Ole Miss blog Hotty Toddy Blog. In the meantime, there were some stories in today's papers I wanted to direct you all to.

In today's Nashville City Paper, the Man We Love to Hait has a story of the extent of Chris Nickson's injury. The fact that he wasn't right all day Saturday, coupled with the Mackenzi Adams taking all the snaps with the first team in yesterday's practice would seem to indicate that Vanderbilt will be trying to get back to .500 in SEC play with their back-up. If Nickson doesn't take more (and by more, I mean any) snaps today, he is unlikely to start on Saturday. Mo Patton's also got a take in today's Tennessean.

Hait makes some other great points about what Vanderbilt will face against Ole Miss on Saturday, mainly the running threat of "tailback BenJarvus Green-Ellis, who gained a career-high 226 yards, the sixth-most in school history" against Missouri last weekend. As we will delved into in more detail in our preview, stopping Green-Ellis will be key, but Ole Miss has (at least early) not been a one-dimensional team. Saturday's game has the potential to be a track meet.

Mo's also got a nugget that fell through the cracks of VSL's devoted research staff:
"Vanderbilt ranks fourth in the SEC in pass defense, allowing 155.5 yards per game. The Commodores, who have intercepted four passes in their first two games, join Louisiana State and Kentucky as the league's only defenses yet to allow a passing touchdown."

Patton's second piece in today's Tennessean focuses on the iron-man threat of Ole Miss' Greg Hardy. He's got 20 tackles and 2 TD receptions on the, he's not bad.

Mo hits the trifecta with a story on last year's SEC Player of the Year Derrick Byars' contract with the 76ers. While it is not guaranteed right now, if DB is still on the roster after December 1, it will be. It also looks like DB is the newest stud in the Mike Conley, Sr. stable of athletes.

There's probably more to get to, but that's all I've got for now.

Be sure to check out Best of the SEC for news around the SEC Blogosphere, as well as our Comrades over at Who Ya With and Star & Stripe. Who Ya With has picked up the mantle of the "We'll Pay More" chant that might very well become a staple at Vanderbilt Stadium if we continue to get worked by the SEC officials.

Rack me...I'm out.


Lauren said...

Speaking of less frequent posts, where's Pool Boy? I miss him.

Woody said...

It's not Vandy related, but how has Kentucky not given up a passing touchdown this season? They play as much defense as Louisville, which if you watched last Thursday, isn't a whole lot. They play each other this weekend; first one to 100 (or first to get a defensive stop) wins.

Perhaps after this weekend, the Commies will be one of two teams, along with Lousiana State, not to give up a passing touchdown.

Yeah, where is kid who keeps the deep end interesting?

Seamus O'Toole said...

We haven't given up any passing touchdowns but we've also played a 1-AA opponent and a team that ran all over us (which is much worse for Vandy because a grinding game tires the defense and exposes our lack of depth). Fourth in the SEC in pass defense? Sweet. Tenth in the SEC in rushing defense (after two games, one of which was Richmond)? Rad.

Also, can't tell you how STOKED I am that CORNERBACK DJ Moore is currently the leading tackler in the SEC. Splendid.

That's right, I'm being negative. And I hope the coaches are too -- someone needs to be riding these guys to get them to play to their potential.

Seamus is burning...

Stanimal said...

This really is the exact opposite of our prediction. The secondary has been a somewhat bright spot and the front four has been abysmal.

Better get back to the game tape

Woody said...

The Pats may have a copy of it that we could get our hands on...

Bobby O'Shea said...

The Patriots should have to fork over a draft pick in one of the first 4 rounds and they should be fined significantly. I also wouldn't mind seeing Bellichek suspended for a game, despite the risk that would pose to married women throughout Jersey.