Friday, September 14, 2007

Ole Miss Q&A with the Hotty Toddy Blog

The guys at the Hotty Toddy Blog were good enough to give us a little info on the Rebels for this weekend's game. They posed some questions to us that appear on their site today. Here are our questions and their answers:

1. Just like Vanderbilt, Ole Miss has found themselves in a number of close games, games that more often than not, they have lost. Is this year's team capable of getting over the hump? If so, why?

Yes, I hope so. I am tired, as you are, of losing the close games. Last year we ended up 4-8 but could have finished with 6-8 wins. We lost two overtime games (LSU & Alabama) and two by less than a TD (Georgia & Auburn). This year we have better talent than last year so we should on paper win a couple of those close games.

2. Can Seth Adams keep up this up? Is this Saturday the day he comes back to earth?

I don't think that he has been playing over his head. We have a good offensive line, second in the nation in size. He has had time to make short range passes. He has also completed a few long passes. I think he can and will keep it up.

3. Besides containing Green-Ellis, what do you have to do to contain Ole Miss' offense?

Vandy needs to get pressure on Adams. Adams hasn't had a lot of pressure this year. He is not much of a scrambler.

4. What is Ole Miss' biggest weakness? Where can they be beaten?

Defense is our biggest weakness. We have given up a lot of yards this year. We have had a lot of missed tackles. If we can't out score you, then you will win.

5. Is there something you haven't seen this year from the Rebels that you expect to see Saturday?

I would like to see Ole Miss play a complete game. In the Memphis game we started out strong and fizzled in the end. In the MO game we started out slow and finished strong. I would like to see how well we do when we play a complete game.

6. How good is the secondary?

Our entire defense is young but talented. We have had trouble stopping the pass and have given up the big play several times. Our secondary is a weak sport for us.

7. Will the fact Ole Miss might be playing against a back-up QB cause them to throw more blitzes in?
John Thompson style of defense is to rush. You will see a lot of rushes regardless of who is in at QB.

8. How do you hope/expect to play Vandy defensively? Do you expect your struggling defense will try some new things, particularly as they are likely going against a new, young QB, in order to limit the potency of Earl Bennett et. al.?

I hope we try new things. Our D play has been poor. Our biggest problem is missed tackles. The coaches have promised that they will work on wrapping up and the team's aggression this week in practice. We shall see how it turns out.

9. Predictions...
Ole Miss 28 Vandy 21


Anonymous said...

Your prediction sucks.

VU will win.

You know what else sucks?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

ole miss will win because They hit harder

Anonymous said...

Called every damn Sports bar in Baton Rouge, and finally found one that agreed to show the game. After a while, the whole bar was rooting for us. Nice.

Anonymous said...

You picked against VU in a home game when they were favored by the oddsmakers by about a TD??????

What kind of crap was that?

Maybe you should be an "ole miss" fan instead. (and of course, an american idol fan)