Saturday, September 1, 2007

Not a Great Start...(But it just got a little better)

They put one in...Commies 7, Spiders 3

So far it's the defense making moves. Vanderbilt can't get any points on the board with Hahnfeldt pushing a kick left...I thought he was confident going into the year. I'm glad someone is...


Seamus O'Toole said...

Commies win 41-17 - love the stat lines for Bennett and Nickson. New Commie record for Earl the Pearl. Can anyone say Heisman watchlist?

sara chiaranzelli said...


Anonymous said...

Our defense was not very good in the first half.

Actually it sucked almost as bad as an american idol rerun.

I know Richmond has a big o-line and veteran skill position players.
In other words, they are pretty decent for a 1-aa team.

Still, there were times in the first half where our team just didn't look totally prepared.

The second half (except for letting them return a kick for a td) was obviously MUCH better.