Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Thursday Edition

A sigh of relief was let out yesterday as Coach Tim Corbin announced he is staying at Vanderbilt. To hear CTC unfiltered, click here for his interview with WNSR AM 560 and his press conference courtesy of Mo Patton's got a story in today's Tennessean talking about Corbin's "Commitment" to Vanderbilt. Mo's got so particularly telling quotes including the Guru calling Corbin, "the Tiger Woods of college baseball coaches." For every Vanderbilt baseball fan out there, this story is a must read. The Man We Love to Hait's got a piece in the Nashville City Paper highlighting how, despite this being the third time in three years that CTC's dalliances with other programs have become public knowledge, he said all the right things yesterday.

Moving now to a Commie who is staying to a Commie how is leaving. David Price agreed to terms yesterday with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays for 11.25 million dollars, 8.5 of which is guaranteed. Mo Patton's got the story in the Tennessean, one of four that appears under his by-line today.

While we've spoken about remaining Commies and departed Commies, there's a story in the Jackson Sun by Joshua Parrott about Drew Hayes transferring from Bethel College to Vanderbilt. Hayes is a pitcher, who in the article is compared to Casey Weathers. If that's true, glad he's joining the squad.

Moving now to football. With 16 days left, there are 3 stories worth a read. Mo Patton's third piece in today's Tennessean focuses on the suddenly crowded backfield at Dudley Field. Brett's got a story in the Nashville City Paper on new Commie Brandon Barden and his relationship to Virginia Tech in light of transferring after the April shooting. As Seamus and I wrote in our Offensive Preview, we think Barden's got the potential to give Vanderbilt a weapon they have liked for some time: a sure-handed possession tight end.

Despite the crowded backfield and the new addition at tight end, according to Mo Patton, Coach Bobby Johnson was upset with yesterday's practice.

Back from vacation, the Poolboy's got a new post. Warning, this (unlike Vanderbilt Sports Line) is not a family friendly blog.

Part 2 with the Guru will be posted this afternoon.


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