Saturday, August 11, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Saturday Edition

With a return to school just around the corner, I figured I owed it to the VSL Nation to give you as much Commie news as I can while I can. As I mentioned Thursday, we will be bringing you my conversation with the Guru, a new podcast, and announce a new format next week. In the meantime, I figured a Saturday Hotline was in order.

Best of the SEC Blogs thinks our optimism might have gotten the better of us, read the VSL Schedule Preview and judge for ourselves.

In yesterday's Nashville City Paper, the Man we Love to has a great article on the importance of Vanderbilt having a more consistent running attack this season. As Mo Patton pointed out in yesterday's Tennessean, the graduation of Steven Bright leaves a hole at full-back.

Like me, Mo Patton is working for the weekend, with two articles in today's Tennessean. Mo's first article deals with the brewing battle at weakside linebacker between sophomores Brandon Bryant and Patrick Benoist. The battle highlights how for the first time in a long time, Vanderbilt has some depth at key positions. Patton also reports that yesterday's Commie practice ended with a "35-play, five-series scrimmage to mark the end of the Commodores' first full-contact session of the preseason."

Brett's got a post on Nashville Ballerz about David Price's future. With 5 days left to sign June draftees, Hait thinks the Devil Rays will ultimately sign the Vanderbilt ace to a contract. Dominic de la Osa is expected to return to Nashville for his senior season.

More to come in the days ahead, but for now, just remember the words of the immortal Tom Emanski, "If you have a bad day, you go home. If you have a bad day in fighter aviation, you die."

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Seamus O'Toole said...

Nothing like a good Saturday Hotline. I have the fortune to be in the Music City at the moment and hope to see some of you at Fan Day in a few minutes.