Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Puttin' on the Pads, Edition

Yesterday was a productive one at VSL headquarters. Thanks to our intern, and Seamus and my fortitude, we were able to finish the the Defensive/Special Teams preview, as well as the Schedule preview. In the days to come we will publish both. I also completed a recap of my sit down with the Guru, which will also appear, most likely in installments, over the next week or two. The SEC Blogosphere is heating up, and for those of you, who have come to rely on VSL to get you through the day, I'd encourage you to check out the "Commie Dommies" on the right hand side of the page, particularly BestoftheSEC, which does a great recap of what the rest of the SEC Blogs are talking about.

Some great articles that you are truly can't miss for Commodore Nation. True freshman Jamie Graham gets some ink in the today's Tennessean from Mo Patton. Patton talks about how explosive Jamie was in high school and how excited the coaching staff is about his arrival on campus. Seamus and I talked a little bit about Graham in our Defensive/Special Teams preview, and it sounds as if this guy is starting practice with a shot to play early. I think the way the CBJ and the coaches utilize Graham will show a lot about their coaching acumen. Too often, players with exceptional talent are pigeon-holed as just one kind of player. If Graham is as sick an athlete as we have been led to believe, the Commie staff should do everything they can to get him on the field in as many ways as possible. Based on Mo's article, that certainly seems to be in the cards.

If you don't feel bad enough about your athletic acumen, read this article on Vanderbilt freshman Ryan Van Rensburg in today's Nashville City Paper by the Guy We Love to Hait. Guy didn't even play football until emigrating to this country, let alone understand it. Most of us have been watching and playing this sport since before we can remember, yet we're stuck reading (or writing) this blog, and Ryan's playing in the SEC. As if your lives needed any more perspective, there's something else to make you feel even worse.

Mo Patton double dips in today's Tennessean with an article about sprinklers and Vanderbilt football. If there is any doubt that Vanderbilt fans are more and more concerned about the intricacies of their team, this article would seem to put that to rest.

Both Brett and Mo also highlight how tonight's practice will be the first "full pads" outting for CBJ's squad.

An article I missed yesterday, but one I thought was worth a read yesterday appeared in the Sun Herald by Jim Mashek entitled "Commodores at Crossroads."

Finally, news from Vomit Orange Nation that's too good to skip over. Yesterday, UT Head Coach Phil Fulmer announced the indefinite suspension of LaMarcus Coker for another "violation of team rules." While there is no shortage of coverage, we'll rely on the Daily Times' (via the Nashville City Paper's website) John Brice for the report.

The USA Today's Paul White has a story on the countdown to the signing deadline for Major League Draft picks. Not surprisingly, David Price was a focal point of the piece. With 8 days left to sign, the ball is in the Devil Rays court, but there is no doubt Commodore Nation will chip in for books if DP wants to return for his senior year.

Keep checking back for more installments of our Football previews, my sit-down with the Guru, and the Price Watch (8 days and counting).

Bobby, OUT.

Hotline Addendum: Jay Cutler, last week, had inflamed tendons in his right wrist, effecting the former Commies QB's velocity according to today's Denver Post.

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