Monday, August 20, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: PGA Championship Edition

With 12 days until kick-off, we are getting close. Still, I'm going to start with Vanderbilt's own Brandt Snedeker's win yesterday at the Wyndham Championship after shooting a final round 63. I've shot a 63 before, unfortunately, it's been on the front. I digress. Anyway, has a report, as does Joe Biddle in today's Tennessean. Commie domination extends its reach a little further.

Moving now to football, Mo Patton had a story on Saturday about Vanderbilt's 65-play scrimmage that appeared in the Tennessean. Brett's got a story comparing the striking similarities between Vanderbilt's two lead running backs, Jeff Jennings and Cassen Jackson-Garrison in this morning's Nashville City Paper. Finally, not to be out done on the "human interest" angle, Mo Patton's got his obligatory story on Brandon Barden's journey from Virginia Tech to Vanderbilt in today's Tennessean.

Mark Schlabach had a report on about the balance of power in the SEC "shifting East" in part because of the "improved Commodores." Mark's made the breakthrough that many national commentators have started to: take the Commies seriously, still his indoctrination could use a little work, so I'll be sending him our VSL Previews just to be safe.

Speaking of national "talking heads" coming around, the only thing good about my 4 hour drive from our nation's capitol to Richmond (a whopping 103 miles) was the fact I got to listen to Mel Kiper sing the praises of the Commies for 3 hours. Almost every segment dealing with the SEC found Mel mentioning the Commies. Mark Richt and Houston Nutt also mentioned the Commies as a team to look out for. The bandwagon is starting to fill up, and boy does this feel good.

Speaking of the bandwagon, be sure to check out Who Ya With, another Vanderbilt sports blog that has drank the Kool-Aid.

The St. Petersburg Times has a story on David Price's plans to throw in the pen and hit the books.

A Vanderbilt education is still ranked as top 20, but given the quality of this blog, you gotta wonder if that number isn't just a little bit soft.

Poolboy's got Thought 39 up there, and yet again, he's hilarious.

We've got a new podcast up, and despite it's length, it's worth a listen (if only to mock us).

Later this week, we will be contributing to's Vanderbilt preview, as well as participating an SEC Power Poll voted on by esteemed members of the SEC Blogosphere and us. More on that as the season gets closer.

Finally as I mentioned last week, in the weeks ahead we will be changing our format to accommodate the changing schedules of Seamus, Stanimal, and myself. We are still finalizing the changes, but will have an announcement later this week.

That's all I Got.

Bobby, OUT

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