Friday, August 17, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Moving Day, Edition

Today is the day VSL Nation, where yours truly moves just a little bit south to start a legal career that will hopefully end up with me in the Monday Night Football booth a la Howard Cosell. In the meantine, there is Vanderbilt sports news to get to, and most of you reading this need this just to get through the day.

We'll start with Mo Patton's piece in today's Tennessean in the emerging depth in the secondary. While Vanderbilt is still a long way away from having one of the best secondaries in the SEC, there is no doubt the unit is moving in the right direction. Keeping with a focus on the secondary, Brett Hait's Vanderbilt Notes in today's Nashville City Paper writes that sophomoreMyron Lewis has "nailed down" the starting cornerback job. The Man We Love to Hait's notes are worth a read cover to cover. He writes that Nickson is clearly the team's best QB; that Jeff Jennings has returned to form after his 2006 absense; and that, like Seamus and I wrote in our Defensive/Special Teams Preview, Vanderbilt's defense will have more holes than swiss cheese if either Curtis Gatewood or Theo Horrocks go down. There's a lot more, including a prediction on who will win the other starting DE slot, Vanderbilt's kicking prospects, and a fight that almost broke out before Wednesday's practice. Our man Brett is so inside, it's not even funny.

CBJ got another committment for the class of 2008 yesterday when St. James High's Ingram Bell of Mytrle Beach has committed to the Commmies. Josh Hoke of the Sun Times writes of Bell:
"The 6-foot, 190-pound speedster chose the Commodores over offers from Duke and Presbyterian. He was drawing significant interest from several other Southeastern Conference schools, including South Carolina, which was about 99 percent sure it would eventually offer a scholarship, St. James coach Billy Hurston said."

Just one question, is "collegiately" a word?

Pat Forde's got a piece on the SEC reining supreme in the world of college football. Shockingly, he didn't mention the Commies.

Moving now to baseball, as was reported yesterday, Vanderbilt's baseball team got a transfer from Bethel College in Texas. Mo Patton double dips in the Tennessean on Drew Hayes. There's a similar write up in The City Paper's Notes section.

The Herald Tribune's Dennis Maffezzoli's got a story on the Devil Ray's newest pitcher, Vanderbilt ace David Price.

A final piece of news that I thought would interest our VSL readership. Early this morning, a fire broke out at Sam's Sports Bar and Grill in Hillsboro Village. While I never fully forgave the staff at Sam's for confiscating my valid and "of age" ID there one Tuesday night (for more on that story, ask the Stanimal), I didn't want to see the place burn.

The final installment of my conversation with the Guru is posted below. A new Podcast will be up later today or some time this weekend. Finally, VSL wanted to welcome Who Ya With to the Vanderbilt Blogosphere, the bandwagon's starting to fill up.

Have a good weekend.

Bobby, OUT.

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Anonymous said...

"The 6-foot, 190-pound speedster chose the Commodores over offers from Duke and Presbyterian."

Wow. He picked us over a college AND a religion.

On the other hand, in the movie "Fools Rush In" - Selma Haydek's (sp?) mother told the preppies from up east that "Presbyterian isn't a religion" - so I guess whether VU actually beat out both a school AND a religion for a recruit is still up in the air.