Monday, August 27, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Monday Afternoon Edition

Despite being 5 days and change away from the 2007 season kicking off for the Commies, I doubt CBJ's squad will be leading off any news stories with the resignation of the AG and the plea agreement entered by Michael Vick. Still, I'm going to plow ahead because I honestly can't imagine doing any reading for at least as long as this post takes me.

Mo Patton leads off with an article in today's Tennessean about the "Five Burning Questions" for Vanderbilt. Despite my new alligence to the Spiders of Richmond, I am not overly concerned that any first game jitters will manifest themself in a way that actually gives UR a shot (famous last words). The remaining questions are all good ones, and I honestly think the answer to whether Vanderbilt can take care of the ball will determine how successful this team is. Turnovers hurt CBJ's boy's last season, and if Seamus and I are going to look as smart as we clearly think we are, not only taking care of, but ball control and possession more generally will be of the utmost importance.

We'll stay with Mo, who was busy this weekend, writing an article projecting that Bradon Bryant and Gabe Hall have locked in starting positions over Patrick Benoist and Greg Billinger respectively. As Mo's article today deals with, the fact that (despite early injuries) it appears as if the Commies have more depth than they have in years past. If these injuries don't heal quickly though, and one of the starters goes down, it will certainly spell trouble.

Saturday, Mo focused his lens on freshman Theron Kadri, who has played well in camp and is expected to be 4th on the depth chart at Defensive End.

Finally for Mo, he had a piece in the Sunday Tennessean about Vanderbilt's recent successes in sport. This is a great article and a must read for all loyal VSL readers. Vanderbilt is, slowly, building an athletic program that has proven it can be competive. There is no reason to think that that won't continue. My one complaint with the article is it fails to mention that the rise of VSL and the rise of Vanderbilt sports. Mo, where's the love?

The Man we Love to Hait's got a story in the Nashville City Paper about Bobby Johnson's early impression of freshman quarterback Larry Smith. If Bobby likes it, than you can be sure that Bobby likes it too. Brett's got notes on Stephen Stone all but winning the starting DE job beside Curtis Gatewood. Broderick Stewart is expected to be a pass-rushing specialist.

That's all I got. For more around the SEC check out BestoftheSEC.

We now take you back to my education, already in progress.

Bobby, OUT

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Aaron said...

While i am not the biggest fan of Kirk Herbstreit, he does give Vandy a little love today in his "Herbie Awards."
EB is named one of the "players who dont get enough respect."

Herbstreit also picks Vandy as the sleeper in the SEC east stating: "You can't expect me to pick South Carolina as a sleeper, can you? With QB Chris Nickson and WR Earl Bennett highlighting 18 returning starters, I think the Commodores will reach their first bowl since 1982."

I think you guys have been saying that for the past 5 months, i guess he finally got out of his make up trailer long enough to have an intern do some research for him.