Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: I've Done this for 2 Straight Days, So Obviously I Won't Be Here Tomorrow, Edition

Tomorrow I will be heading down to the home office to take care of some personal business. But even though I won't be here for all you working stiffs in desperate need of your Commie fill, fear not. Tomorrow's trip to the capital city of Commodore Nation will include a conversation with the Guru himself. If there are any questions you want me to ask, email me or post it in the comments section. We are very excited about this opportunity and think this is a great time to be talking to Vice Chancellor Williams about the direction of Vanderbilt sports.

Brett "The man we love to" Hait has a great story about Vanderbilt becoming a featured destination for transfer students from other major conferences in today's Nashville City Paper. I find this quote from Bobby to be particularly telling:
“We’ve got some good things going,” [CBJ] said. “We’ve just got to do our job and keep our season going like we hope it can go. Believe me, that helps recruiting a whole lot more than phone calls and text messaging and fancy cards and things like that...If you’re going to get them [recruits] there, you got to prove that you can compete. Hopefully we can continue to do that.”

Speaking of Vanderbilt football, single-game tickets go on sale today for Vanderbilt's showdown with Alabama according to today's Tennessean. As I have said in this space before, and as we will stress in our upcoming season previews, the Commies match-up with the Tide on September 8th is a pivotal game for Vanderbilt's bowl game hopes. Tickets will go on sale at 8:30 Central Time and can be purchased by going to McGugin, visiting, or calling 615-332-GOLD or toll-free at 877-44-Vandy).

Mo Patton has a great article on Shan Foster's exploits as a member of Team-USA in the Pan-AM Games in today's Tennessean. While Commodore Nation is focused almost entirely on football, this story, and Shan's overall summer, portends very well for CKS and Vanderbilt basketball heading into the 2007-08 season.

Moving now to Vanderbilt baseball, there is a great piece written by Lauren Malone on focusing on the 6 Vanderbilt players playing in the Cape Cod League. Joe Fisher gave this article some love in his radio appearance yesterday on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville. Among the other things the silky smooth Fisher discussed was the potential for both Dominic de la Osa and David Price to return to CTC's squad. According to MLB rules, teams who don't sign their June draftees by August 15th lose their claim to said players. Neither Dominic nor Price have signed, and both are enrolled in fall classes.

In other Vanderbilt baseball news, Vanderbilt commit Sonny Gray has dropped his appeal to participate in the AFLAC All-American Baseball Classic on Aug. 11 in San Diego. As Tom Kreager writes in today's Tennessean, the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association Board of Control rules state that players are not able to participate in all-star games until their have exhausted their eligibility.

DeFKA is trying to get the fans involved and soliciting your vote for which T-Shirt will be thrown out during Vanderbilt home games. Personally, I think all the shirts are kind of "JV," but if I had to pick, I'd go with #2.

Finally, in Vanderbilt golf news, Commodore sophomore Chris Rockwell as qualified for the US Amateur Championship to be played at Olympic in San Francisco August 20th-26th. has the story.


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