Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Here We Go Again, Edition

Football season is 18 days away, but its not the lead story in today's Hotline...so you know something is up. Coach Tim Corbin has been approached by the University of Oregon to be their next Head Baseball Coach. The Ducks of Oregon are resurrecting their program in 2009 after not playing since 1981. Mo Patton has the story in the Tennessean, and the Man We Love to Hait has ink in the Nashville City Paper. After turning down Auburn and LSU, I really can't see CTC heading west to restart a program when Vanderbilt baseball is on the precipice. David Price still hasn't signed (2 days and counting) and Vanderbilt returns every one of their position players in the line-up. With all that said, this is the Guru's first test of the post-EGG era. CTC has publicly stated that he remained at Vanderbilt in large part because of EGG, with the bow-tied one gone, will he continue to call Hawkins Field home?

Reshard Langford is entering the 2007-08 season with a "chip on his shoulder" according to Brett's second article in today's Nashville City Paper. Mo Patton (who gets the trifecta today) has a story on Adam Smotherman's return from injury in the Tennessean. Adam is red-shirt Freshman who converted to defensive tackle last season, before suffering a knee injury last fall. Finally, Mo has a story in the Tennessean on Reilly Lauer and Tim Fugger switching over to play defensive end. According to CBJ, the move will continue "indefinitely."

It turns out Best of the SEC Blogs thinks they might have been a little hard on our season prediction of the Commies going 8-4. For those of you looking for another site to add to your arsenal, Best of the SEC Blogs is great.

If I can get it together, the first installment of my sit down with the Guru will be posted today.

That's all I got...so I guess I'm OUT.


Will said...

We actually return all but 1 position player since the left field platoon of Meingasner and Davis are gone. Hanks played some there and will be back, but he was used much more as a DH and that will probably be true next season as well.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Let's see that Guru interview, Bobby.

Also, does anyone know some good places to hang out in Austin, TX?

Unknown said...

tomorrow's hotline needs to includes a link to the mascot voting for the new Mr. C: http://vucommodores.cstv.com/ot/vand-07-mascot-poll.html
although head 1 looks meaner, head 2 has the largest muttonchops which is reason enough to vote for it.