Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Greetings from Law School, Edition

It's orientation and they already have me reading stuff I don't understand. I can't get my wireless to work, and I have found that with one exception, no one here seems to care that I am Bobby O'Shea of the Vanderbilt Sports Line. As such, I figured in these few free minutes I have been able to carve out for myself, a post was in order.

First off, in case anyone was wondering, Seamus shot like a mutt yesterday (or so he tells me). I myself (was so obnoxious, the seniors used to beat me up once a week) am planning on following suit this afternoon with the Godfather.

Not much to report today, but you all should definitely check out the newly released Vanderbilt Basketball schedule which includes 11 home games including at least one on CBS (at UK) and at least 3 on the ESPN family of networks. Here's the link to the schedule on It wouldn't surprise me at all if the January 5th game against UMass was a late edition after Kentucky screwed Travis Ford and backed out of their previously agreed to home and home. Of course, I'm just guessing.

Mo Patton's got a piece in today's Tennessean about the "recovery" of Bryant Hahnfeldt. Hopefully his recovery will include actually splitting the uprights.

Finally, His Name IS was "one of 35 players on the Walter Camp Football Foundation's 2007 watchlist for its prestigious Player of the Year award, the nation’s fourth-oldest individual college football accolade" according to a wire services story that appeared on the Tennessean's website.

Off for now, but would love to hear people's initial thoughts about the schedule.


Douglas James said...

Couple thoughts about the sched (it is also my first day of school but i'm a second year so i'm going to get drunk tonight) 1) I like the beefed up non-conf sched. No real powerhouses but we have some solid teams with NCAA experience including Gtech, Depaul, Valpo and UMASS. Also like that as with most powerhouses we force teams to come to us. BTW who are playing all these away games in the beginning of the season? 2) I would love to see Vandy get into a better early season tournament, we seem to be the big fish is small ponds the past few years I would love for us to get some exposure against the UNC's, Cuse's, Kansas's of the world in a big, nationally televised tournament. 3) Love that we have more games on ESPN but why just have the UT and UK games? I guess they are our closest rivals in terms of geography but we have developed a great rivaly with UF and would love the nation to see us put a whooping on the 2 time defending champs.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Douglas James,

FYI, according to the Guru, we will be playing in the Maui either in 2008 or 2009.

Diezba said...

Where are you in law school at? And, from a 3L to a 1L, welcome to hell. But don't worry, it'll be over in 2-and-a-half years.

Anonymous said...

just reviewed the bball schedule....
gt and wk great games..
depaul in chi...good warmup
peay in nville[who could be very difficult in mar]
tsu in nville
ut-martin in nville
d. limp. in nville
no belmont...??
no memphis...??
no mtsu...??
i have to assume the the vandy bus driver only knows how to go east to ut and north to ky......or stallings doesnt have a road map for tn schools....
also,by the way, iona has been 0 forever the last couple of years...
outside of gt, wk, & depaul...very disapointing!!

Will said...

Vanderbilt won't schedule MTSU because, like in football, it has nothing to gain and everything to lose. I'd like to see us schedule Memphis if only to have a better chance of recruiting the Elliot Williams' of the world, but as we saw in the NIT a few years back, they can simply out-athlete us.

Also, Stallings doesn't like to schedule games against his friends, which is why Belmont isn't on there. IIRC, the last time we played Belmont was when they opened their new arena, and that was more a gesture of good will than anything.

And oh ya, I'm a 2L at Marquette. The first year sucks big time.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see us schedule MTSU, just so we can destroy them and maybe shut them up finally.

What a joke if they think they can hang with us in basketball.

Anonymous said...

your could mtsu ever hang with vandy in bball....raider bball is not where it should be[and that really upsets me, which is a whole different story]
but, like it or not, this is a great regional rivalary that the mid tn/nville area would love.
[by the way,mtsu does have an indoor gym]
but, come on...tsu,dl,& ap....but no mtsu??
you are right..."what a joke", but we will never know....stallings won't do it.....
i guess he he looked at the fball results recently....