Monday, July 9, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: This Thing Is Busted Edition

Bobby is off this week, so Seamus and I will be providing you with your daily dose of meager summertime Commodore news.

Brett Hait once again fulfills his obligation to discuss the Commodores by featuring an article about Jay Cutler as the undisputed QB out in Denver. David Climer of the Tennessean has an article about how football fever is already striking SEC country with previews and magazines on the rack. Vanderbilt is not favored to do well in any of these publications (I haven't read all of them, I'm just guessing,) but take it from us here at the Sports Line, they're going to do better than you think. has got a couple of highlight reels up for Jonathan Goff and Chris Nickson. These ought to whet your appetite for things to come.

If you are a premium subscriber to Rivals, you can read a lot more about recruiting at Unfortunately I'm not, so I can't tell you much about the articles.

My shows are finished for the year, for the most part, and while I find Entourage to be a hilarious show, I don't follow it as well as my other favorites.

It's a fun couple of days for baseball as the season comes to its mid-point at the All-Star Break. The Home Run Derby is tonight, with the actual game being played tomorrow. I probably won't watch, but if you're into it, you should.

Seamus has got it tomorrow, until then, maintain sanity until football season, I'm certainly on the brink of losing it.


Anonymous said...

Currently on the Jim Rome show is Roger Lodge guest hosting - he has just made the statement that the PAC-10 is superior to the SEC in college football.

Anybody wanna toss me more ammo to shoot at him? I've already emailed about 5 times.

Stanimal said...

How do these idiots get on ESPN? I don't understand it. How can they even begin to make that kind of argument?

Anonymous said...

The ONLY thing he's said so far is that USC dropped 54 on Arkansas last year. That's it.

Douglas James said...

The man hosts "Blind Date" for Christ's sake. You can't expect too much out of him. If you combine all the programs of the SEC and Pac 10 into 1 mega conference and judged them on the past 10 years he's what I think it would look like (very imprecise and off the top of my head)

1. Southern Cal
2. Florida
3. LSU
4. Auburn
5. UT (they won the nat'l championship in 98 so no arguments!)
6. UGA, UCLA, Cal, Oregon
7. Oregon State, Arkansas
8. ASU, Alabama. Washington State, USC
9. Arizona, Ole Miss, Washington, UK
10. Stanford, Vandy, Miss State

Anonymous said...

How could you possibly have UGA (two SEC Championships in the past five years) on the same level as Cal and UCLA. They are head and shoulders above those teams.

Douglas James said...

Like I said i just threw it together real quick off the top of my head and it is obviously open to much criticism. Just trying to spark debate so I have something to do this afternoon instead of work.

Seamus O'Toole said...

There is no need to dignify (by responding to) anyone who claims the Pac 10 is better than the SEC.

But since I'm a homer's homer and because we're just having this conversation between ourselves, it's worth mentioning that FIVE SEC teams have aggregate records that fall in the Top 20 of all Division 1-A teams since the year 2000 (the lowest of which is Tennessee at #16). Surprise, surprise: more than any other conference.

The ACC has four teams in the Top 20 (three of which they picked up from the Big East in 2004/5 so you can judge for yourself the significance of that), the Big 12 has three teams, the Big Ten two teams, and the Big East has one team. The Pac 10 has two teams, USC (at #6 overall) and Oregon (at #19).

Douglas James said...

Just to play Devil's advocate hasn't the SEC been killed recently for most teams playing pretty weak non-conference schedules? Obviously this is because the conf schedule is so tough but I think that has something to do with records since 2000.

Stanimal said...

If you look at it over a 10 year period then I GUESS you have to include Tennessee, but let's face it the Vols have been slumping over the past few years. They haven't won a conference championship since '98. They have won an equal number of divisional championships as Georgia since that national championship appearance (2). Tennessee and Georgia are even over the past ten years in wins, both standing 5-5.

Aside from those facts which I would argue put Georgia and Tennessee more on a level, I am most incensed that you would put Cal, Oregon, etc. on the same level as UGA. A team that has won its conference championship 2 out of the past 5 years, has a BCS win to its credit, and is 8-2 in the past 10 years in bowl games, not to mention 61-17 over the 6 years that Richt has been head coach, is not in the same caliber as a team that has failed to reach the BCS since its institution and one that has not enjoyed renowned success since '01 (Oregon won the Fiesta Bowl before USC took the conference over).

That's more than ample defense to place the Dawgs on par with Tennessee. I won't dispute the other three because they have won (or got hosed and should have won) national championships within the past 4-5 years.

Stanimal said...

Seamus, I believe that stat regarding winning percentage is the tell-tale sign. I'd like to know where you found it.