Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: We really have to work today, Edition

I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th. While the day off was great and certainly breaks the day up, I imagine I am not alone in hating life behind my desk this "morning after." Still, we must plow ahead...and that's exactly what I intend to go.

Virginia Tech transfer Brandon Barden, as expected, was granted a waiver by the NCAA and will be able to play this season for the Commies. Brett Hait has the story in today's Nashville City Paper, as well as some kind words for the NCAA (at least about their decision in this case).

Brett double-dips in today's City Paper and has something on the website about Derrick Byars' age. This article goes to the heart of Stanimal and my's discussion (augmented by you, the reader, of course) of "upside" in the NBA.

Matt Minor, at 3-0, is a beast for Team USA, just ask

I don't know how many of you saw it yesterday, but there was a fantastic 13-part documentary thing called "Revolution" on the History Channel. Besides the corny re-enactments, it was great. I don't remember, but were their re-enactments in Ken Burns' "The Civil War"? I am completely against re-enactments in documentaries, but if Ken does it, I might have to rethink my position.

That's all I got. Hit us up with your comments, "lord knows we need family now more than ever."


Anonymous said...

I would like to know why the Vandy ticket office is selling individual tickets to everygame except the Bama game. This is the first game I am planning on attending, yet I can't buy tickets. I suspect this is so the retarded Bama fans who think they will win the national championship with a new coach and the same crappy players can get our tickets. I know the ticket office claims it is so season ticket holders can upgrade, but this is crap.

Douglas James said...

Def so Bama fans can't steal all the tickets. Those people are freaking crazy. Saw a few parts of the "Revolution" on the History channel. Quite informative but kinda slow moving. History Channel does those cheesy reenactments for all there specials whether on Pirates or WWII battles.

Boyer in the District said...

I'm actually going to be watching the Hogs ROLL Bama in Tuscaloosa in September.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I think Wilkinslovesthecowboys is right to be upset that they aren't selling tickets for the Bama game yet. Why is the ticket office concerned about upgrading the season ticket holders for the Bama game, but none of the others? I would be just as worried about UK fans snatching up tickets as I would be Bama fans, particularly because that could be a big game for both teams looking to acheive bowl eligibility.

Anonymous said...

How have you neglected Joey Chestnut, the everyday American hero?

Your disregard for his extreme eating heroics is in poor taste, IMHO.