Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: The Only Non-Sports Day of the Year Edition

That's right sports fans, today is the only day of the year when there is not a single game, race, or match on.

Continuing with our theme of bashing ESPN for scraping the bottom of the barrel, here is an article regarding the Texas Wesleyan Rams' Table Tennis team. I haven't read it, but if you like ping-pong (don't call it that around them apparently) you'll probably enjoy it.

In the latest edition of the Nashville City E-paper, you can read an article regarding prized recruit Sonny Gray, who will be playing in the AFLAC All-American Classic. This guy was a 11-2 with a 0.91 ERA. Needless to say we're pretty excited to have him. In the same article, but in basketball news, Vanderbilt got cut from a recruit Elliot Williams' list, very unfortunate as this guy is one of the top recruits in the nation. Hope you enjoy Durham you loser.

Bryan Mullen of the Tennessean reports that the Commodores' offensive stratagem (i.e. Playbook) is getting the finishing touches placed on it.

Former Bulldog, AJC writer, and now ESPN Analyst Mark Schlabach has the upset alert on for the Vandy-Tennessee game. Hopefully Mark you'll see a few more, (This article is a couple of days old, so if you've read it, well, deal with it).

Are you curious as to how SEC Coaches get over hangovers? Well this may be fake, but it's still hilarious. This is risque at work, and if you're squemish about curse words, you probably should avoid it.

That's pretty much it. The AL won the All-Star game again, but I think an interesting story emerged out of the ending. I know it's the All-Star game, and the players are there to have fun, and I'm sure La Russa doesn't want to risk injury or exhaust his own star player (although that's a pretty ludicrous argument for one at bat,) but how do you NOT bat Pujols with 2 outs in the 9th inning with the tying and winning run on base? It's ONE at-bat for crying out loud. Pujols is pretty angry about it apparently.

That's all I've got. Anybody got anything else interesting to talk about?


Stanimal said...

Well, Wednesday Night Fights on ESPN is on, but it might as well be the only non-sports day of the year.

N. P. said...

We signed another recruit in Football

Lohr from PA, TE/DE got scholly offers from 'Cuse, Temple, Rutgers and Vandy.

Douglas James said...

This is a great site with alot of free info on recruits. That being said it is quite frustrating that according to this site we aren't going after any ranked CB's recruits and even worse we haven't even made offers to the guys were are recruiting. I would like to see the coaching staff do a more well rounded job recruiting talent (we have done great with QB's and LB's but have continually struggled with DB's)

Anonymous said...

The All-Star game is a joke. Tony LaRu is a joke.

Aaron said...

Gordon Gee is leaving Vanderbilt to goto Ohio State Univeristy... He just sent a message to all studnets...This is a sad day for vanderbilt.. Thoughts?

Douglas James said...

What do you guys think this means for Vandy athletics? Gee was very committed to them even though he axed the AD. Do you think they will bring in someone with similar philosophies? Maybe bring the AD position back? I hope Corbin and Stallings don't leave because of this.

Anonymous said...

maybe they could have a "reality" t.v. show to hire his replacement...make them all live in a hut together in the jungle (and they have to eat bugs, etc) and every week have some hot babe vote one off until there is only one left.

(they would have all have to open a black and gold box and all of them would get a gold bow-tie except one candidate who would get an orange one - obviously the one who gets the orange tie is the loser)

And that would be the way to determine Gee's replacement at VU.