Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline

Since Stan's got all the clever titles, I figured I'd leave well enough alone.

Since we are all adults, we can do whatever we want. And today, I want to start with football. The Stanimal's got a piece on the "Earl"y NFL draft prospects of His Name Is. Anyone who says Vanderbilt loyalists aren't capable as being as nuts as every other team's fans should read Stanimal's piece...because it completely explodes that theory.

Three players left Vanderbilt's program yesterday according to university officials. The City Paper's Brett Hait, the Tennessean's Mo Patton, and all have the story.

Congratulations to David Price for being named the SEC Male Athlete of the Year. Price is the first Commie to win the Roy Kramer Award...ever. Brett, Mo, and VU, all have ink on this development as well.

The Sporting News has SEC POY Derrick Byars going 16th to the Wizards. agrees. SI's Chris Ekstrand has DB going 20 to the Heat in his mock draft.

Finally, Bracketology has been updated (because clearly, it needed to be given that its JUNE), and Vanderbilt didn't make the cut. Joe Lunardi, you are on notice.

OK, so I need some help. Me and the lady friend watched "Children of Men" last night, and while it was interesting and I "got it," I didn't really "get it." For those of you who saw it and feel confident that you can explain it to me (and the other VSL readers who didn't get it), the comments section is calling.


Douglas James said...

I recently saw the movie. If you explain what about the movie don't you fully understand maybe I can help explain it to you.

Anonymous said...

Joe just wants to justify his year-long salary

Bobby O'Shea said...

I guess my over-arching question is, why the hell did I watch that movie? What was I supposed to get out of it?

Anonymous said...

go watch Knocked Up. You'll thank me. Funny movie