Friday, June 1, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Hip Replacement Edition

Tonight, we play Austin Peay. Tonight, we beat Austin Peay.

Today is the day. Today we start our Drive to Omaha with what Brett Hait calls a "thirst for winning" in the Nashville City Paper. Vanderbilt will kick off their NCAA Tournament tonight at 8pm eastern at Hawkins Field in front of a sell-out crowd of 3,700. Coach Tim Corbin will send Vanderbilt ace David Price to the hill to face the Governors of Clarksville. According to David Boclair's article in this morning's Tennessean, the Governors shouldn't even bother.

For a nice overall preview of the NCAA tournament, check out this article from's Kyle Petersen. In it, he calls Price the best pitcher in the tournament, claims Vanderbilt has the easiest region, and has the Commies in the College World Series. For a look at the other players who have the potential to impact the Nashville regional, check out Mo Patton's article in today's Tennessean, where he claims the "Star power not limited to Vandy sensations." also has a good primer worth checking out.

As of now, I have been unable to find a bar in either New York or DC that gets CSS (the channel that will be televising the entire Nashville Regional). If I find one, I will post it. For the time being, if you plan on following the game tonight, you'll have to do it with Live Stats and the sweet voice of Joe Fisher. You can access both by clicking here.

In other Vanderbilt sports news, sophomore Jon Curran fired a 6-under 64 yesterday in Williamsburg to catapult himself from 29th to 2nd in the NCAA Men's Golf Tournament. As a team, Vanderbilt is 13th overall. The field will half down from 30 to 15 at the conclusion of the day. Vanderbilt is currently in an OK position, but it's a little too close for comfort.

As Stan "broke" for us yesterday, Billy Donovan is headed to the NBA to coach the Orlando Magic. It looks like's Luke Winn has come to the conclusion that dozens for VSL fans have known for quite some time...Bobby knows what he's talking about.

Now, I know what you all are thinking, "when am I gonna talk about Huey Lewis and the News?" The answer, is now. It was a fantastic night out in Virginia. Some highlights. We actually weren't the youngest people there. Behind us sat two small children who played Gameboy the entire time as their parents relived their early twenties. The real stars in the crowd though, were the JMU students (sophomores to be exact) who were absolutely rocking out the entire time. It was fantastic. They were drinking Natty, making out, and without a care in the world. Ah, to be in college again.

On stage, the evening started out a little slow. The Grandson's, "the hardest working band in DC" according to the pre-show propaganda, were less than awesome. They actually had a song entitled "Hip Replacement," thus spawning the title of this Hotline. When Huey finally came on, he entered with a bang. They opened with "Heart of Rock and Roll," played "I Want a New Drug," "Happy to be Stuck with You," "They Say it's Alright," and "Power of Love." It turns out Seamus knew more Huey songs than he realized. After he loads my Huey mix onto his IPod, he'll be good to go.

DC Dores have a double-header on the mall tomorrow starting at 1...should be a good time and anyone in the DC area should stop by. Also, early birthday wishes to the good doctor, who joins the ranks of those of us who can rent a car without having to pay that annoying daily fee.

That's all for now. Be sure to make VSL your source for Vanderbilt baseball's drive to Omaha.

(Photo #1 courtesy of Steven S. Harman and The Tennessean, photo #2 courtesey of


Anonymous said...


"CSS is your ticket to Southeast sports, and we’re available exclusively through cable."

You may want to look into setting up a SlingBox in Nashville.

Seamus O'Toole said...

These immortal words of poetry are enough to give one chills:

"Yes, it's true. [Yes it's true]
I am happy to be stuck with you.

Yes, it's true. [Yes it's true]
I'm so happy to be stuck with you.

I can see [I can see]
That you're happy to be stuck with me."

--Huey Lewis

Anonymous said...

Huey Lewis 5ucks a55 royally.

So does american idol.