Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: At least I've still got Softball...

Some very interesting articles to get to in the post-mortem of Vanderbilt's devastating 4-3 loss to Michigan. You know it must have been bad is Seamus and I actually did another podcast lamenting Monday's game. Mo Patton has two very interesting articles on "what's next" for Vanderbilt baseball. His first article looks at what next year's squad might look like, depending heavily on whether or not this year's juniors opt for the draft, or decide to come back for another year. Picking up on that somewhat, Brett Hait has a piece in today's Nashville City Paper discussing the psychological effects Monday night's game had on lefty ace (and presumptive #1 overall pick) David Price. While the wound is fresh, these last paragraphs give me a glimmer of hope that Oaks home-run will not be the last pitch Price throws as a Commie:
While Corbin has all but conceded that Price will sign a professional contract, Price left the door open Tuesday for a possible return to VU next year.

“It’s definitely a possibility,” he said. “There’s unfinished business here at Vanderbilt. I’d love to finish it.

“If everything is not right and I don’t feel comfortable, I’ll definitely back in school here next year. If we work out a deal that’s suitable for me, then I’ll sign.”

You want to see a team that is moving in the right direction, and has guys on the squad totally committed to winning? Read Mo Patton's second article in today's Tennessean on red-shirted pitcher Mark Lamm who almost gave away his red-shirt year to help his team get to Omaha. Coach Corbin's got a great thing going, and this article is further proof of that.

Brett Hait's got a piece on Vanderbilt's season and the "odds evening out" for the Commies. Either he listened to the podcast, read the blog, or the point is very obvious. For my money, it's #3!

Today, has their preview of Vanderbilt's defense. Remember, Seamus, Stanimal, and I will be interviewed on Friday. You'd really be helping us out if you read the posts looking for errors or inconsistencies so the 3 of don't have to.

Wanna go to Business School? The admissions director for Owen has an interview in Business Week about helping your chances. For those budding entrepreneurs out there, if you have any idea how we can make some cash out of this, we'd really appreciate you letting us know your "vision," because we are fresh out.

Lock it Up's bats came alive and we finally won a game last night 19.5-11. The score has a ".5" because, as is typically the case in beer league softball, the teams could not agree on the score. Accusations of run padding and pseudo-masculine aggression reared its ugly heads in the bottom of the 5th. Still, Lock it Up emerged unscathed by both and got our first W of the year.

Staying with the softball theme. If you went to Vanderbilt (or just like Vanderbilt or at least one person who went there), are a girl (although guys are welcome), and can play softball, the DC Dores need you this Friday. Click on DCDores.Net for more information.

That's all I've got. Listen to the podcast and let us know how much you hate (or like) it. Another classic from Mealmart, check it out. Finally, a Happy (early, thanks Stanimal - now we have to fire the intern) Birthday to Chad from everyone at VSL.

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Stanimal said...

Chad's birthday is tomorrow

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In honor of Chad's birthday, I will succumb to a food coma. Not now...but soon.

Douglas James said...

Not sure how to make the Sports line an economic success but one idea must be to at least get listed on the Bama cite and an SEC blog....maybe you guys can drop that in the interview