Monday, May 21, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: The Triumphant Return...

Bobby had a big weekend in Sin City, although I gave back most of my winnings when I made one last stab at glory. The Pussycat Dolls were not particularly kind, although they were quite friendly. While in the Pussycat Dolls pit at Caesar's Place, I saw something awesome. This middle-aged man was gambling at a table, by himself, with the rapt attention of an attractive dealer and two pit bosses. He was making all kind of weird bets, had these glowing balls on the table all around him. Them, an army of waiters descended on the table with Cosmos, sandwiches, and other delicious looking food for him and two guys (I assume you were with him, but might have just been in the right place at the right time). I asked Karen, the Doll dealing me right out of my winnings, what the deal was. She promptly told me that he was the casino's biggest gambler and that was the way he rolled. To think, the high roller was hanging amongst the littles...I felt honored.

Anyway, that's enough of a Vegas recap. Let's get to Vanderbilt Sports. As you undoubtedly read below, Vanderbilt wrapped up their first ever SEC Regular Championship with a 3-game sweep of LSU. Vanderbilt ended the year 46-10, 22-8 in conference, and 32-2 at home. Not bad. As Mo Patton writes in today's Tennessean, Vanderbilt "gets UT in SEC Tournament opener" on Wednesday. Brett Hait's got a recap of the weekend series, and how the Commies are thinking about a "new season" in today's Nashville City Paper. More reason to celebrate, Vanderbilt got a letter of intent from Smyrna ace Sonny Gray according to Tim Kraegar in the Tennessean. The baseball team is doing more than improving their roster, they are also improving their facilities in anticipation of hosting an NCAA Regional or Super Regional with a new, 200K Scoreboard. Mo Patton gives you the scoop in Sunday's Tennessean.

As Bryan Mullen wrote in yesterday's Tennessean, "It's never too early for a little football." We agree, Bryan, even if it means a pre-season projection of Vanderbilt finishing 5th. With football in mind, Brett Hait double dips in today's Nashville City Paper, and discusses how Virginia Tech Tight End Brandon Barden might be in black and gold next season. While the circumstances surrounding Brandon's transfer are absolutely horrible, there is little doubt he could be an impact player for Coach Bobby Johnson.

Missed Entourage and Sopranos because of the red eye. Will have recaps tomorrow (or whenever I actually end up watching them).

Seamus is back, although preliminary reports indicate he did not return bearing gifts of big men a la Jimmy Dolan.


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