Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Recruiting the Future...

Lock it Up got abused last's too bad there weren't cameras to record the action, because we could definitely file a claim of police brutality. Last night's game certainly falls under the heading of excessive force. Regardless, it's a long season, and the Lock it Up boys will be back.

With that out of the way, let us delve into Vanderbilt sports stories that hardly any of your care about. Vanderbilt baseball signed a big-time recruit from the Virgin Islands, Kellen St. Luce. The lefty pitcher signing with Tim Corbin and the Commies is addressed by Brett Hait in today's Nashville City Paper. Vanderbilt baseball ends their season with a 3-game set against LSU at Hawkins Field starting Thursday. LSU needs to take 2 of 3 to buttress their hopes of making the SEC tournament, hopefully Vanderbilt can take care of business and sew up the SEC Regular Season Title.

Moving on to something you probably care about less...Vanderbilt women's soccer. According to Soccer Buzz, Vanderbilt has the 9th best recruiting class in the country, and the best overall class in the Central Region. Will Matthews has a feature on on Vanderbilt's recruiting successes this off-season.

Vanderbilt's 16th ranked women's tennis looks to stop the #1 Stanford Goliath Friday in Athens. The winning team earns a spot in the NCAA Quarterfinals.

The CAA faithful took exception to MasonFan's question about Richmond's chances of beating Vanderbilt, I like where his head is. And it begs the question Commie Nation, what have YOU done for Vanderbilt sports today?

Vanderbilt retired 14 professors at their graduation ceremony last Friday, here is a list of those honored faculty members.

The News-Star in Monroe, Louisiana writes about the SEC taking over the world (or at least the college sports world)...sounds like a pretty good idea to me. Good article by Scott Ferrell that's worth checking out.

Now, to American Idol. I really dislike Blake. I thought his version of Roxanne wasn't great (although it might have been better had I been watching, playing the Roxanne drinking-game), his Maroon 5 song was just "eh," and his final song was, as Randy would say, "just aight." The Judges disagreed, as did Mr. Tony and resident Idol Expert Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, who think Blake actually sang his way into the finals over Jordin. I disagree. In particular, I thought Jordin's final song, "I have nothing," was nothing short of spectacular. Melinda, again, was the pro with all her performances, although I didn't love her final performance as much as the first two. It's Melinda and a player to be named later in next week's finale. Is it just me, or didn't we hear Melinda and Jordin's choices before. Melinda did that song once already, and I don't know where I heard Jordin's song on Idol (did McPhee do it last season?), but I am sure I have.

Lost, Idols results show, and a fantastic basketball game featuring the Spurs and Suns that I will inevitably fall asleep during the 3rd quarter of.

It was a little quiet about a little chatter?


Anonymous said...

I actually missed Idol last night - but I want to say that I'm not particularly excited about ANY of the finalists. The only one with a marketable name is Jordin (c'mon - Jordin rolls right off the tongue!), but as far as I'm concerned, the talent this year is sub-par.

I'm telling you - next year, we better have a Black Sabbath night. That will weed out the crap vocalists.

I couldn't agree more that the SEC runs the show in football, basketball and baseball. The ACC will always put up good basketball teams - but if the most recent NCAA tournament says anything, the SEC owns the ACC in men's hoops, too.

Anonymous said...

I just take objection to people that look at sports with their eyes wide shut. I mean we can all be homers for our respective teams, and should be. However, when you have kids from JMU saying their game against UNC next season in football is the best chance for AA to beat a single A, or how UR has a great shot at beat clearly have no idea about college football. UNC has a hot new coach, with one of best classes in the county and many people have said have a great chance to finish near the top of the ACC (at least going to a bowl). As far as the idiots that think UR has a snowballs chance in hell to beat Vandy...I really was shocked and awed by them. Go ahead and check the thread out

One guy calls you the Duke of the SEC, then again he goes on and says Villanova has a chance to beat football.

Anonymous said...

Masonfan - the whole link isn't posted. it gets cut off...try again?

Bobby O'Shea said...

MasonFan's Link

Anonymous said...

Sorry about that guys. Thanks for hooking it up Bobby. While you are over there feel free to look around, give Mason some props and make from of ODU.

Anonymous said...

Jordin did that song during 60's week -- that's where you heard it before. Frankly, I give Blake props for being the only contestant last night who tried doing something new. It was kind of lame that Jordin and Melinda made us listen to songs they performed once already this season.


Stanimal said...

I miss anonymous stating the truth.

American Idol blows. Simon Cowell/everyone ever involved is a no-talent a$$ clown without the show, and it's sad that our generation is duped into watching such a catastrophe.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I appreciate the Idol haters and can see how some might be disinclined to watch the show (rating on the show are down and falling, so this might not be an issue as time goes on). With that said, give us something else to talk about? In fact...I am posting a thread called "What Stanimal Wants to Talk About" for you to get the ball rolling in another direction. Do with it what you will, just a thought, the pros and cons of dog fighting and QB's who partake might be a good place to start.

Stanimal said...

Hasn't been charged with anything yet.