Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Elimination Edition

Vanderbilt's 6-4 loss yesterday to UT certainly puts them behind the 8-ball. As Mo Patton points out in today's Tennessean however, UT came out and played as well as a team can play for 7 innings. Vanderbilt had exactly one base-runner and no hits through 7 complete. Even still, Vanderbilt put the fear of god in UT, mounting a comeback in the 8th and 9th, bringing the tying run to the plate in the bottom of the 9th. Brett Hait's lead in the Nashville City Paper is about Tennessee lefty James Adkins, who only let up 1 hit in 8.1 innings.

Not surprisingly, both Hait and Patton have stories in their respective papers about Corbin's decision not to start David Price against the Volunteers. I happen to agree with Coach Corbin's decision win or lose today. Corbin's decision ensures that his 2 best starters get their full week's rest between outings. This time of year, particularly for pitchers, is a marathon, not a sprint. As nice as it would be to win the SEC Tournament, (something that is still very, very possible) the real goal is a National Title. Coach Corbin's got his eyes on the prize, and his decision to rest his guns reflects that.

Some "nuggets" from Hait after yesterday's game. Ryan Flahery keeps his hitting streak alive in the 9th; he has now hit safely in 25 straight. Vanderbilt will now have to win 5 straight games in order to win the SEC Tournament, Alabama's 1996 SEC Championship team was the last squad to accomplish such a feat. Vanderbilt, since losing 2 straight to OOC teams in the middle of April is 14-4 and has only lost back-to-back games once this season.

Vanderbilt will play Mississippi State today at 2 EDT, who lost 3-1 to Ole Miss last night in a game that ended well after midnight. As tired as Vanderbilt will be after their loss, they will certainly be the more well rested of the two teams. Vanderbilt has not played Mississippi State this season. You can follow the action here, and get Joe Fisher's call by clicking here and selecting Online Radio from

The Nashville City Paper has a report about the expansion of Hawkins Field's seat capacity.

Despite being out of the team competition, 3 lady Commies continue to fight on in the NCAA's individual draw, and Jacqui Colcolino is 3 back at the NCAA Regionals in women's golf.

Lost was an absolute classic last night. As the good doctor said to me this morning, the show's writers have now turned the storyline completed on its head, while at the same time, keeping us completely fixated on the Island. Great stuff. For more on Lost, check out the D.C. Dharma Station, the official Lost blog of the Vanderbilt Sports Line.

Idol is over, Jordin won. This is a win/win for VSL readers. I get to be right, and you no longer have to suffer with my Idol chatter.

Write this down, the Yankees are now 9.5 games back of the Sox, and I am predicting that last night's win will mark the beginning of the Bomber's turnaround. They are currently 21-24, and I predict they will only be 6 games out of first by July 4th.

The DC Dores have a double-header NEXT Saturday (June 2nd) against Vanderbilt wannabe Penn at 10, and Embry-Riddle (a school, incidentally, I've never heard of) at 1. Should be a good time, so come on out to the Mall. Field details can be found here.


Old Prospector said...

DC softball is on June 2nd, not this saturday the 26th...just FYI.

Bobby O'Shea said...

Thanks old prospector...good correction. I will edit the post.