Thursday, May 17, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Bobby's Last Edition of the Week

VSL Readers, today will be Bobby's last Hotline of the week as I am headed out of town for a trip to land of excess, Las Vegas. Fear not, at some point over the weekend, I will put down $20 on "24" a la Tony Soprano. In the meantime, there is Vanderbilt sports to get to.

We begin with baseball, as the Commodores end their regular season with a 3-game set against the LSU Tigers starting tonight in Nashville. There is a lot on the line for both teams. For Vanderbilt, a 2 wins (or a win and an Arkansas loss) will wrap up the Commies first ever SEC Regular Season Title. And, as Mo Patton points out in today's Tennessean, this Vanderbilt team has really hit their stride. As Carl Dubois writes in today's Baton Rouge Advocate, LSU probably needs to win at least 2 games to extend their consecutive SEC Tournament streak to 23. Dubois clarifies just what LSU has to do to win by saying, "LSU can clinch a spot in the eight-team SEC tournament if it wins one more game than Alabama or Kentucky and by matching or exceeding Tennessee in victories this week." Vanderbilt gets a lot of love in this article, not only from LSU, but from across the league. People seem genuinely surprised that Vanderbilt is as good as they are.

For LSU to add to their 22 consecutive SEC Tournament appearance streak, they will have to get through Vanderbilt ace David Price, who, as Brett Hait writes in today's Nashville City Paper, is "[thinking] about his final days" at Vanderbilt. Note to Nashvillian Commie fans hoping to attend this weekend's finale, Reserved Seats for the series are sold out, but General Admission tickets will be available 2 hours prior to the game's start time. Also, Vanderbilt's 4 seniors, Carter Hawkins, Matt Meingasner, Stephen Shao, and Casey Weathers will be honored at before Saturday’s game. There are a lot of plot lines to this weekend's finale. Senior day, a shot to wrap up a Regular Season SEC Title, and David Price's last regular season appearance at Hawkins Field. But as Brett Hait pens in his second of two articles in the Nashville City Paper, the dugout Tim Corbin will be coaching in is also worth noting. As has been widely reported, CTC was approached by LSU to fill their head coaching vacancy at the end of last season. Thank you Mrs. Corbin should be the sentiments of every Commie fan, as she seems to have asked the question that caused Coach Corbin to remove his name from consideration (although Gee and DeFKA Guru David William stalking his plane probably didn't hurt). Corbin has "no regrets" about staying in Nashville, and neither does Commodore Nation.

One final baseball note, yesterday, Pedro Alvarez was named to 2007 USA National Team. Congratulations, Pedro.

The men's golf team is competing the NCAA Regional today out at Arizona State. They will get underway this afternoon. The women's tennis team will face-off with the #1 Stanford Cardinal tomorrow morning in Athens in a bid to make the quarterfinals of the NCAA Tournament.

AMERICAN IDOL ALERT: (Sorry Stanimal, et al) We are down to 2 with Jordin and Blake moving on to the season finale next week. I was disappointed that Nashville's (er...Brentwood) hometown girl didn't make it to the final episode. Beverly Keel's got a piece in today's Tennessean about Melinda's "journey." I thought she was fantastic all season and was sad to see her go. After thinking about it though, I think this might actually be better for Melinda's career. There isn't as much pressure to be a "hit" if you finish 3rd. Look how well last year's 3rd and 4th place finishers are doing? Daughtry is the biggest hit of last season, and Elliot's one song last night sounded pretty damn good to me. Plus, both Blake and Jordin probably have more "pop" appeal than Melinda would. Despite not really liking him, after watching the clips of the contestants last night when they went home, I realized that, if nothing else, Blake "gets it." He might not be the best singer, but he has the personality and disposition to be an American Idol.

Finally, Lost was fantastic (AGAIN). Although someone made a good point last night, which is, we keep being promised answers and all we get are more cliff-hangers. Perhaps that's what makes the show great. For more on Lost, check out the official Lost blog of VSL, The D.C. Dharma Station.

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Will said...

Another benefit of Melinda not winning American Idol is that she is not forced to sign a record deal with Simon Fuller. The contestants all agree that if they win, they will be attached to Fuller's label, and I have to assume that the terms of the deal are not good for the singer. Melinda will obviously sign a record deal with someone and she will now have multiple companies bidding for her talents.

Anonymous said...

american idol sucks...I saw THIS on a email memo from a "roots rock Americana artist" -


"As you can see by my publicists press release below the Outlaws poster,
my new album "Ain't No Train Outta Nashville" is doing well in certain
markets, especially overseas, where the appreciation
for roots rock and Americana style music is stonger than even here in
America, where the American Idol flavor of the month instant drive
through-star mentality seems to be the rule of the day.
I am selling twice as many album overseas as here, so I am continuing to ask for your support of the record by going to..."


The important part:
"the American Idol flavor of the month instant drive through-star mentality..."

That said mentality sounds like it would fit middle-aged obese female ut fan office workers really well.