Tuesday, May 22, 2007

To Start or Not to Start?

Bobby has generously informed us of Tim Corbin's decision not to start David Price against the Projectile Vomit Orange of UT in the first round of the SEC Tourney, and was kind enough to give us his view on the matter.

I agree with Bobby - CTC knows what he's doing, and without a risk of being one-and-done, I think it makes sense to hold off on throwing Price and keep him in his rhythm going into the postseason. The bats have been pretty reliable lately and as long as we can get a little run support, UT's offense poses as little a threat as any in the tournament. Also, we have to keep in mind that, SEC Player of the Year and projected-#1 draft pick be darned, DP proved against Georgia that he's as capable as any young pitcher of getting shelled when he's caught off his rhythm.

Is this the right move? If anyone is reading this and cares, we'd like to hear your take.


Stanimal said...

In Corbin we trust.

Bobby O'Shea said...

This is the time of year where we will really see how deep our rotation is. If we get put off out ace until game 2 or 3 of a tournament weekend, our ability to win games will be improved exponentially. We've got two quality pitchers right now, Vanderbilt's (and every other team, for that matter) success comes down to finding that 3rd and 4th guy who can go in there and eat up some innings without getting shelled.

Anonymous said...

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