Thursday, May 10, 2007

Breaking News: Vanderbilt Offensive Lineman Transfering to Purdue

According to, Elliot Hood will play out his NCAA eligibility at Purdue University after receiving an HOD Degree from Vanderbilt on Friday.

Stanimal will have thoughts in the comment section soon.


Stanimal said...

I wish I could give you some real good statistics as to why this sucks for us, but unfortunately I can't. Pancake blocks is kind of an overrated stat, and most o-lineman are evaluated based on how they "grade out", which means how many times they block their assignment correctly based on the play.

However, it's safe to say losing a lineman, particularly with game experience, is never a good thing. It's the most exhausting position in the game, and depth at it is crucial.

Will said...

It does suck losing Elliot, but it was either going to be Elliot playing at Purdue or Elliot not playing anywhere. Given those choices, I'm glad the NCAA is allowing him to play for the Boilermakers.

Bobby O'Shea said...


Not knowing much about the situation, I wonder why you say that? Would you mind filling in our reader(s) as to why Elliot wasn't going to play for Vanderbilt this year? O-line is a place where depth is key, and losing Hood would seem to hurt that depth even before the season starts.

Will said...

There were some serious issues with his family (I believe his Mom had cancer that came out of remission). It was announced earlier this year that Elliot wouldn't be returning to the team because he would be moving back to Indiana to help his family. So, there was no chance that he would be playing for Vanderbilt this season. The VU coaching staff really helped Elliot to make sure this happened, and like I said, since the two choices were either play at Purdue or don't play at all, I'm glad he's doing the former.

Anonymous said...

Elliot's mother is clearly much more admirable than Mitch Mustain's mother.

That's what happens when you don't let your kid eat a Big Mac until he's 18.