Friday, April 6, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline

Bobby and the Hotline are back after a one-day hiatus. The real conversation pieces today are about other schools, rather than Vanderbilt. Who would have thought that a school without an athletic department would end up having one of the least tumultuous off-seasons of anyone in the SEC? Stanimal's got a thread on Billy Gillispie headed to Kentucky, Arkansas is still without a coach, and Earl Bennett is getting the love early. There's going to be a Big East/SEC Challenge starting next year, too bad the Commies weren't invited to the party.

Vanderbilt Baseball hosts Alabama this weekend, for a three-game set at Hawkins Field. In today's Tennessean, Mo Patton talks about how, according to Tim Corbin, "home sweet home" doesn't apply in the SEC. Brett Hait talks about the "slumping bats" in today's City Paper. The series gets under way tonight at 7pm CDT.

Steve Health writes in today's Tennessean that Bobby Johnson gets another recruit from Rutherford County, 6'6 offensive tackle and defensive end Michael Bryant. CBJ extended the offer on Wednesday, and according to the report, Bryant "didn't take the offer right away." Bryant hadn't gotten any other scholarship offers but was being recruited by MTSU, Auburn, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Oklahoma State. Having no idea what kind of player Bryant is or will become, I will just say that I think it is great that CBJ is going after - and keeping - in-state kids. If Vanderbilt can develop a pipeline of Tennessee kids who can make the grade, that will go along way in helping Vanderbilt football transcend the cellar dweller status they have enjoyed for quite some time. Speaking of getting out of the cellar, ever heard of a WR named Earl Bennett? Apparently, this guy can play.

The women's tennis team hosts #4 Florida and #22 South Carolina this weekend in Nashville. Vanderbilt is currently tied for 1st in the East with the lady cocks, and a .5 match up on the Gators of Florida. The guys are on the road against #18 UF and South Carolina. Currently, the men are 8-10 overall and 2-6 in SEC Play.

Finally, if it's good enough for the Washington Post Op-Ed page, it's certainly good enough for VSL. Sanjaya really does need to just go away.

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Anonymous said...

Rites of Spring concert is in a few week and there is a photo of "Sanjayna" on a VU blog site instead of Wolfmother or one of the other actual bands of real musicians who will be at VU.


Anonymous said...

Um, who cares dude?

Anonymous said...

Apparently you, dude - you posted here.

You probably watch those gaymost "reality" shows and think they are actually "real."

Maybe you should get "voted off."