Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Scraping the Bottom of the Barrel

I have done a pretty inexhaustive search for stories on Vanderbilt sports, so not surprisingly, I didn't come up with much. In an attempt to make Vanderbilt football relevant to this year's NFL draft, Mo Patton has a story in today's Tennessean about LB Kevin Joyce's efforts to get noticed by NFL Scouts. As Mo points out, Vanderbilt has recently had 4 linebackers in the NFL (Hunter Hillenmeyer, Shelton Quarles, Matt Stewart, and Jamie Winborn), but despite recent "success" at this position, Joyce's injury problems might scare NFL teams away. If Kevin needs to me make a call to the Jets, I'd be more than happy to...but I don't honestly think it'll get him anywhere unless he wants to sit with me and Papa O'Shea in the firefighter's section.

Brett Hait writes about "tweener" recruit Darshawn McCellan in the Nashville City Paper. Hait compares McCellan as another Corey Smith (does that mean we have a future globetrotter in our future?), who isn't big enough to play inside, and isn't a good enough shooter to play on the wing. Hait, channeling scouts, writes that McCellan probably won't be an impact player immediately. Still Corey did become the emotional leader of the team and made some big plays in his Commie career.

Hait quotes expert Jerry Meyer as saying of Vanderbilt's class overall: "It’s a solid class at best unless Andrew Ogilvy turns out to be a stud...We haven’t seen him play so we don’t know what to expect from him. Keegan Bell, who is a three-star prospect, is a physically mature guard who can knock down shots and is ready to play some minutes in the SEC. The Commodores are hoping Andre Walker is a late bloomer.” Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but Vanderbilt (both in football and basketball) has always been good at seeing talent where others might not have.

Vanderbilt baseball plays Tennessee Tech tonight...apologies for the misinformation yesterday.

Quickly to Idol. Idol gives back was a crappy show. The performances weren't that great and I think the contestants missed a golden opportunity to swing "inspirational" songs. If it was me, I would have gone with such inspirational classics as "Jump" by Van Halen or the intro to Jock Jams complete with Michael Buffer coming out and saying "let's get ready to rumble." THAT is inspirational. I picked my bottom 3 yesterday, and I am sticking with them: Chris, Phil, and LaKisha with Chris going home.

It's been a little quiet lately, so start talking about...well, anything, lord knows I do.

Hoser of the Week needs some nominees.


Old Prospector said...

Hunter Hillenmeyer

Bobby O'Shea said...

Apologies...I am a moron

Stanimal said...

If y'all get a chance, you should read this article by Gene Wojciechowski. I especially think his crack on draft experts is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Why is Huey Lewis wearing John Travolta's white disco suit in that photo?

American Idol still sucks and always will.