Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: O Captain, My Captain...

Some interesting tidbits from Commodore Nation that I wanted to let you all know about. One, CBJ names senior linebacker (and all around beast) Jonathan Goff, senior offensive tackle Chris Williams, and defensive tackle Theo Horrocks next year's team captains. Brett Hait has a great piece in today's Nashville City Paper about Horrocks' evolution into a team captain. Two, Vanderbilt baseball is back on top in all the polls, and Brett Hait had a piece in yesterday's City Paper (yes, even Bobby misses one every now and then) about their return to the top. Three, according to Maurice Patton in today's Tennessean, it was news to DeFKA guru David Williams (who really is doing a bang up job, by the way), that Kevin Stallings turned down Iowa since he didn't know they even spoke. Four, Vanderbilt students love to steal music. Five (thanks Chad), Vanderbilt basketball ended the season ranked #19 in the USA Today/Coaches Poll. When the AP poll comes up, we will let you know.

Vanderbilt baseball travels to Austin Peay today for a mid-week showdow. Vanderbilt is undefeated in non-conference games this season. The Commies take on the Crimson Tide this weekend in Nashville. As I wrote yesterday, according to Baseball American via, Vanderbilt is now in the driver's seat.

Condolences to Boyer in the District as Dana Altman decides to stay put in Creighton. This is a sufficiently embarrassing turn of events for Arkansas athletics. In other news, Frank Broyles has announced that Mitch Mustain will lead the search committee to find a new men's basketball coach. The parents of the football team will assist.

Kentucky still doesn't have a coach and speculation is the Billy Donovan will be their next head coach. I personally think Donovan (pronounced Donovan, not Duneven Billy Packer) will make the move to Lexington before heading to the NBA. The coaching carousel in the SEC will be our Hotline Hot Topic of the Day.

We are stuck in the 60% range. Vanderbilt fans have bought 618 copies of the Athlon College Football Preview. We have 382 magazines to do, please don't think my threat to embarrass our regular readers will go unmet. For those who have sent me receipts or just their word of honor, I humbly thank you. For that who haven't, hell hath no fury like a Commie fan's rage. Thing about it.

Last night was Tony Bennett night on American Idol. Melinda was very good, Sanjaya was awful, and Haley continues to wear less and less clothing. My bottom three is Phil, Gina, and Haley (I hope it's Sanjaya, but that hairdo has burned me too many times).

Note to Readers: Douglas James brought this article about Derrick Byars' draft stock to our attention. Here is the link.


Douglas James said...

I bought my copy so don't think about trying to embarass me. In other news Chad Ford (NBA insider on has an article about whose draft stock was helped/hurt thethe Tourney. Byars was obviously helped but Ford still says Byars in a 2nd round pick. I was surprised by this as much as you guys will prob be.

Boyer in the District said...

Until Frank Broyles is gone (by the end of 2007, allegedly), the athletics program at Arkansas will continue to be a huge embarrassment.

Dana Altman, I could tell two days ago, wasn't REALLY the guy to lead Arkansas to the promised land. Any guy that hears some fans that show up to welcome him "call the hogs," then steps up to the mike and immedietely says "I'm not sure how my friends back home are going to take this..." is a nincompoop (that's right, nincompoop). I'd rather have a coach who has some degree of loyalty to the program.

As for his replacement, who the hell knows. Nice stay in Arkansas, "Dana." FYI, it's pretty standard for Arkansas to deliberately schedule teams pre-conference that piss them off, then beat the dog shit out of them. Also, I'm sure the Creighton Athletic Department is very pleased that they have such a loyal coach. Have fun falling off the college basketball radar.

As for the football stuff...we still have Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. I'm not worried.

WAR Arkansas beating Creighton's ass to open the 2007 season, WAR Arkansas running through the SEC this fall, and WAR Jason Isringhausen going back on the DL.

Boyer in the District