Monday, April 23, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Birthday (day after) Edition

Bobby turning 25, while lacking in custom made t-shirts and flashy glasses, was an absolutely fantastic time. I had every intention of recording a portion of the podcast yesterday...not surpringly, I didn't. I hope to have it up tonight.

Big weekend for Vanderbilt, as the baseball team earned their first sweep of the season, beating the rival Volunteers (that's right coach Delmonico, I said it) 3 straight games. Tim Corbin tabbed closer Casey Weathers as the series MVP. Brett Hait, as always, has a great recap in the Nashville City Paper. Vanderbilt, now 12-6 in the SEC, is in sole possesion of 1st in the East. Mo Patton does a profile of Ryan Davis in today's Tennessean that's worth a gander. Mo's also got a great recap of the series in the Tennessean.

Here's a great AP story about Vanderbilt's recent athletic excesses in the SEC.

Putting my life in pretty stark perspective, here is an interesting article about a 10 year-old Dutchmen who goes to the school with the dubious distinction of giving me a diploma. At 10 he is more successful than I am, and there is no reason to think that's gonna change any time soon.

That's all I got. I will do my Sopranos and Entourage recaps tomorrow. I watched them both, but only vaguely remember what I saw. The big guy turns 25 today so wish him a good one...or don't, whatever.


Stanimal said...

Can we establish a voting system for Hoser of the Week?

Bobby O'Shea said...

Sure...but I kind of like unilaterally deciding.

Anonymous said...


I also like unilaterally deciding.


George W. Bush

Anonymous said...

Bobby can be the chief "decider," but should he disagree with my choices...I'M GOING TO GET ON A PLANE AND I'M GOING TO STRAIGHTEN HIS ASS OUT.