Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Vanderbilt fans (DeFKA, or the National Commodore Club) really kicked in, because Vanderbilt just took the lead at 946 copies purchased of the Athlon College Football Preview. We are looking good, but aren't home yet. If you haven't gotten your copy yet, be the guy (or gal) to put us over the top! Big ups to our boy Ben on the Bayou for getting us up to 947.

UPDATE: We just need to sell 13 more copies to reach our goal of 1,000. Be the one to get us there, a Vanderbilt Football cover would be a terrible thing to waste.


Taco Boy said...

Ben on the Bayou is a good friend of mine and recommended this site and the Athlon cover to me. Nice work guys!

Bobby O'Shea said...


Thanks for reading VSL and buying one of the Athlon's. Sorry about being friends with Ben on the Bayou, you can't win'em all.


Bobby O.

Douglas James said...

12 away!!!!

Douglas James said...

1000!.....maybe i should pay attention in class?

Stanimal said...

Douglas James, didn't you tell me this weekend that our trip down to Nashvegas would set you back?

Douglas James said...

I apply to the Calvin and Hobbes theory that God put me on this earth to accomplish certain this point i am so far behind i will never die!