Thursday, April 5, 2007

Earl Bennett ranked 3rd best player in America

The Sporting News' Matt Hayes freaking loves Earl Bennett. Hayes ranks Earl as the #3 player in the country going into next season behind Arkansas RB Darren McFadden and Penn State LB Dan Conor. Dan goes on to say:
Stop whining about Earl Bennett being so high. He's a smaller version -- not by much -- of Calvin Johnson. He'll beat any man coverage anywhere on the field. No one -- or two, for that matter -- can cover him.

That is absolutely great pub, especially considering Mel Kiper (draft expert) has Calvin Johnson #1 on his big board. I am already excited for football season and am really going to enjoy all the praise lavished on the gridiron commies this off-season.

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Stanimal said...

That is some absolutely sick publicity. What's funny is how much recognition he gets while flying under the radar with the rest of the nation. Last year Bennett made the ESPN All-Film team and was the #2 receiver to Calvin Johnson. I mean will SOMEBODY wake up and smell the coffee about how good he really is? Is it possible that Jay Cutler should be thanking Bennett for helping him go #11 in the draft?