Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Congratulations to Mama and Pop O'Toole, Bracket Challenge Champions

With 49 correct picks and a final score of 141, Team Williams (a.k.a., the rentals) pulled well away from the pack to win the First Annual Vanderbilt Sports Line NCAA Bracket Challenge. They picked 7 of 8 Elite Eight teams and 3 of 4 Final Four Teams, as well as the national champion. They've made their son so proud...

Bobby's Mommie made a great run, as did Team Hutz, finishing second and third, respectively. Team O'Connell (4) and Dore-nasty (5) rounded out the top five finishers.

Perhaps more importantly, coming in dead last place, #43 out of 43 participants, is Team Thomas. For this, Team Thomas incurs an obligation to write a poem praising Team Williams and lamenting his/her own performance more generally. Cry about the losses, celebrate the victor--you get the idea. Certain rules apply:
1. The poem must be at least 10 lines in length.
2. The poem must rhyme.
3. The poem must be self-deprecating.
4. The Commissioners reserve the right to demand a rewrite should they deem the poem unsatisfactory, but know that this will only occur if a sincere effort is not put forth.

Best of luck, and email us at vanderbiltsportsline@gmail.com or vandysports@gmail.com with any questions.


Anonymous said...

Still singing "One Shining Moment" to myself..


Unknown said...

there is no way Ann will write a poem, she's in law school, and could care less... with that said I might be able to write one on her behalf.

Seamus O'Toole said...

HI-larious. I had no idea that Team Thomas is Ann. Austen, that puts you in the default position of being obligated to write this thing.

Put your thinking cap on (or maybe a drinking cap would be better for this one) and get to work.