Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bowlers earn Commies first National Title

Here's the recap from
You can watch Vanderbilt's victory tomorrow at 3pm Eastern on ESPN2.


Anonymous said...

The music video victory cigar for a bowling championship:

Did Imus say anything about our team yet?

Anonymous said...

YES! Take that, anonymous VU alum I ran into at BWW who was pulling against the bowlers so that they wouldn't be our first NC. Always sweeter to win than to lose.

No joke, we could be building a dynasty. We started 4 sophs and a freshman, and the freshman (Josie Earnest) is the best of the bunch. Unlike Florida men's hoops, I don't think we'll lose our players after their junior year.

But dynasty or no, championships are sweet.

Anonymous said...

What is a BWW?

That must have that other guy.

I think that can't hurt the baseball team's chances at all.

Tom said...

I too was skeptical at first, but that championship had some amazing back and forth drama. Vandy starts out strong winning the first 2 games only to have MDES bounce back with 2 of their own. It goes back and forth until Game 7 and Vandy is clutch down the stretch. I'm waiting for the NFL Films rendition of this instant classic.

The best part of it was when frosh Josie Earnest sealed the win, the Vandy fans started up a "Who you wit" cheer.

I've never been prouder to be a Commodore.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Everyone on the island of Zanzibar is stoked that the Commies have won their first national championship, and send a hearty congratulations and "hakuna matata" to the lady bowlers.