Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Andy Katz's "Teams to Watch"

Since the college basketball season ended 2 days ago, it's definitely time to start projecting about what the 2007-08 year will be like. Filling that void is's Andy Katz who has come up with his pre-season Top-25 for 2007-2008. Vanderbilt makes the list of the teams he "[reserves] the right to toss in here after we know all the early-entry fallout." What is striking to me about this list is that while only 2 SEC teams make his list (Tennessee at 10, Mississippi State at 24), 6 are "toss in" teams (Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, and Vanderbilt). Looks like Andy thinks the balance of power will shift back to the west in the SEC. Pretty bold not having Florida on that list, pretty bold indeed.

1 comment:

Stanimal said...

Seriously. The team wins 2 national championships back-to-back and all of the sudden they fall out of the top 25?

I can understand Tennessee making it considering Lofton will be back, but I think it's pretty ridiculous to not even mention Florida. And I'm not saying this as a homer either because I absolutely abhor UF and everything that it stands for.