Thursday, March 22, 2007

VSL Podcast Mailbag...

Begin ripping

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Stanimal said...

I gotta hand it to our new official talk radio crew, y'all did a pretty good job.

First off, presentation was exceptional considering this was your first crack at podcasting. No stammering, well presented and confident. I'd rather listen to you boys than the guys on 680 The Fan down here in the ATL. Even the intro and exit music was well-timed and good.

Secondly, content. I applaud your research and your incorporation of the keys to the game and discussion mentioned on the blog. I think you hit on the majority of the key points which will be neccessary for us to win the game. I'm sure Marty will have a better critique as far as your facts and opinion of G'town, but on the Vanderbilt side of things I thought you were solid.

All in all, well done, I must say I'm thoroughly impressed.