Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline

What a week! The men's and women's teams are both in the tournament with great draws and a chance to make some noise; the baseball team is ranked #1 in several polls including the USA Today Coaches poll released for the first time on Monday; spring football practice starts today; and American Idol is down to its final 12. If you aren't excited about any of that, than you've probably clicked on the wrong site. While your here though, please visit and buy things from our sponsors, whose ads are prominently displayed on the right hand side of your page.

We're going to mix it up today and start with the ladies. The women's draw was announced last night, and the lady Commies earned a #2 seed in the Greensboro region after besting LSU for the SEC Tournament Championship. Is it too soon to ask whether Vanderbilt's win over the tigers was the unfortunate by-product of a lovers quarrel? Anyway, the ladies will face-off with Delaware State on Sunday at noon. Vanderbilt's road to Cleveland (which, apparently rocks), goes through Duke, the tournament's overall #1 seed.

That's enough of that. Now to the men. First off, sign up for the Vanderbilt Sports Line Bracket Challenge provided by Si.Com (league name: Vanderbilt Sports Line; password; commies). This is a direct appeal to the ladies reading this, or more accurately, the guys reading this who have girlfriends: get them to sign up. There is really nothing more entertaining than the female picks especially because they are always a nice mix of ridiculousness and actually winning the pool. Nothing makes a man feel like less of man than losing to a woman in an NCAA pool. Don't deprive us of that. For all those needing help with their bracket, Vanderbilt homer Bill Trocchi seems to have it down.

Later this week, we are going to have a guest column by a bona fide George Washington Colonials expert, in the meantime, our boy Brett Hait of the Nashville City Paper does a nice job getting the ball rolling, as does VuCommodores.com. Some things to keep in mind: Vanderbilt currently has a 2 game losing streak and hasn't played well for an entire game since beating Florida, but Shan (for any national basketball analysts reading this, it's pronounced SHANE) isn't "panicking" (but they are chillin' by the pool); also, Vanderbilt is 5-5 against NCAA tournament teams this season. Vanderbilt was a 6 seed when they made a run last time around, and we'll take it this time around to. And just think, that team wasn't even banded together. (Side note, if you want to buy any tournament gear, click here)As Maurice Patton of the Tennessean points out, this team as come a long way since losing to Furman.

I would also encourage any GW fans reading this (and this will serve as a good test to see if my so-called friends have been lying to me), to start talking some trash.

Spring practice starts today, and Coach Bobby wants everyone to know that no starter's job is safe. CBJ will also be without the services of reserve offensive tackle Elliot Hood, who decided to call it quits as a commie.

Yet again, David Price was voted National Pitcher of Week, and the Commies remain #1 in several national polls.

Our resident clone is trying to fill the rack on our NCAA "snubs" and takes issue with Seamus' full throated defense of the Razorbacks. A must read. Visit our sponsors, buy things from them, and register for the Vanderbilt Sports Line Bracket Challenge. Oh yeah, and have a nice day.

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