Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Vanderbilt Hotline: Afternoon Edition

Sorry to the fateful VSL readers for the delay. Bobby's corporate sponsor required some time and attention today. Today's edition will be brief. There is a great preview written by Andrew Alberg of the GW Hatchet with an "insider's" perspective on the Colonials. Apparently, Dan Cage learned about leadership in 2004, the women are finally focused, and Playboy wants to have some Commie representation in their Girls of the SEC edition. Is it just me, or isn't it slightly ironic that there is an editorial in a publication called The Hustler that is AGAINST chicks getting naked? Just a thought.

Kevin Stallings is on the couch in the Nashville City Paper, Vanderbilt is a team that relies on the 3 according to the Washington Post, and spring practice saw the return of a much missed Commie according to's Truth and Rumor's section by way of the Tennessean.

Vanderbilt's schedule got a make-over yesterday, as DeFKA announced that the Commies will be playing the University of Miami (Ohio) rather that Kent State on October 27th.

We are up to 27 people on the Vanderbilt Sports Line Bracket Challenge, but we want more. Sign up, because it's fun, DAMMIT. The tournament starts tomorrow with the first games tipping off at 12:20 pm. VSL will be watching the game at Porter's near Dupont. If people can get there early to lock down some seats and a clearing area for Seamus and I to pace, that would be awesome. There will also be a gathering in Virginia at the usual spot, Sumner's. I recommend Porter's because it's across the street from my office and because that's there where I will be. Some of my GW peeps have claimed they will make a cameo, and seeing Seamus and I berate them is something you won't want to miss.

Vanderbilt will be the featured game (I assume that means shown in its entirety) in 8 markets, but with the advances in modern technology, you can even get it on your computer.

We will have a preview from Vanderbilt's perspective tomorrow, and have a thread set up dedicated to bracket trash-talking. Anyone who doesn't have Vanderbilt into at least the round of 16 will automatically we listed as a hoser when Hoser of the Week resumes. Finally, a shout out to friends of VSL (and our very own Stanimal) who have launched a Lost blog. Black Smoke's post on Lost and the NCAA Tournament is truly a must read.


Unknown said...

Call me superstitious, but is it wise to watch in the same place that we watched the loss last Friday? Since Bobby's cave probably isnt a good idea this week, would Sumners (the watching location of the UF-bashing) be a better idea?

I'll go where the fans are though, bottom line.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I am not going to Virginia, but it's worth a discussion to be sure.