Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vanderbilt Basketball Drinking Game: NCAA Tournament Edition

It's March, and it's time to bring back the Vanderbilt Basketball Nationally Televised Drinking Game for the NCAA Tournament. Vanderbilt's game against The George Washington Colonials will get started 30 minutes after the Washington State/Oral Roberts game (tipping off at 2:30) ends. We'll be at Porter's with plenty of copies of the rules. If you can't join us (or frankly, just don't want to), be sure to print out a copy to have wherever you are watching.

  1. Take a sip whenever they make a reference to the elevated court and how difficult it is to play in Memorial.

  2. Drink for 5 seconds whenever a reference is made to Vanderbilt not having an athletic department.

  3. They say "Princeton Offense," you drink.

  4. "Live by the three, die by the three" will earn you 3 seconds.

  5. Any reference to Vanderbilt being "the Harvard of the South" or a "fine academic institution" is worth 4.0 seconds.

  6. Take a sip every time they mention that these two teams logged more miles than any other first round opponents (over 5,200)

  7. Any time they mention how expensive either school's tuition is, order a bottle of Dom, pass it around, and "make it rain" on any ladies watching the game with you.

  8. Any time GW goes on a run of 8-0 or over without Stallings call a time out, drink every 5 seconds until he does or Vanderbilt hits a three to blunt the momentum.

  9. Every time they mention that Karl Hobbs was an assistant coach under Jim Calhoun or Kevin Stallings was an assistant under Roy Williams, yell "live in the now" and take a sip.

  10. If they mention that Vanderbilt has won 6 games against top-25 opponents this season, drink for 6 seconds. 6 wins, 6 seconds.

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had taken at least a few drinks for #8. What a terrible game (as a GW fan). Good luck against Georgetown, I hope you deliver a similar beatdown to them.