Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stallings Michigan's Top Pick?

I just got google alert of an AOL Sports story that is reporting, via Sportsline, that Kevin Stallings is apparently Michigan's number 1 choice. The report goes on to say that CKS has made it known that he does not want to go through the formal interview process and that they can either offer him the job or not. If that's true, than it adds another element to David Williams' comments about Michigan not asking for permission to speak with CKS. Under this scenario, all details could be worked out by his agent with the phonecall coming from Ann Arbor when Stallings is already out the door.

I still don't think Michigan is a better job than Vanderbilt given the relative positions of both programs at this point in time. With that said, Stallings is a Big Ten guy and has never seemed to embrace Vanderbilt the way other Vanderbilt coaches (Bobby and Tim, for example) have.

Andy Katz is reporting on, via ESPN Radio, that Michigan will make an attempt to interview West Virginia coach John Beilein after tonight's NIT final.



Seamus O'Toole said...

I agree with the article - Stallings to Michigan sans interview would shock me. With that said, I could see him taking an interview even though he said he wouldn't. Coaches tend to do that.

Anonymous said...

Stallings should go on American Idol and croon a Michael Bolton song, to show his versatility.

He is not a "one note" coach.

Unknown said...

I hope Stallings doesn't go, but I'm surprised he would refuse to interview. I surmise that Stallings would prefer to be in the Big-10 (knucklehead) and to me Michigan seems like a great job -- geographical proximity to Chicago and great recruits, not too much pressure given its a football school, great uniforms, and they have won before. Of course, they have terrible b-ball facilities.

Anonymous said...

geographical proximity to Chicago and great recruits

There's also like 10 million people in your home state before you even get as far as Chicago. Of course right now that state is pretty well-recruited by Tom Izzo and several other schools.

Stanimal said...

Granted there's a great deal of competition as far as recruiting goes in that region of the country, however I don't think it would take Stallings long to regain some territory there. He's done a good job in the highly competitive south-east in getting recruits. In addition, Michigan does have a certain level of prestige athletically, certainly more so than Vandy, and in that sense he'd be able to sway some people into committments.

I think Stallings' desire to NOT interview plays in Vanderbilt's favor for the reason that it demonstrates he's more than content where he is. He's essentially putting Michigan in a spot where they have to make him an offer he can't refuse if they want him. I also think that Michigan probably realizes he's not a good enough coach to be offered a job on name-recognition and accomplishment alone. Two sweet sixteens in four years, but what happened in between those sweet sixteens and what's his overall SEC record?

I think he either interviews or he's staying, but Michigan isn't going to just offer him a job.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I don't know that I agree with Stanimal's assessment that his reluctance to interview plays into Vanderbilt's hand or demonstrates a level of contentment to the school. Rather, it could just be ego.

Again, call me a Bruce Pearl homer, but I would like to see Stallings say SOMETHING, preferably that he is not interested. The argument will be made that he cannot comment on an offer that hasn't been made to him personally (you can bet that like Tubby, conversations about moving have been going on between whichever university wants him and CKS' agent). One, that's not true; two, THAT seems to be the reason Stallings doesn't want to interview: plausible deniability. Stallings' off-season flirtations are widely known, and I think that contributes, as much as anything else, to the unease that many Commie fans feel towards him.

I am currently listening to the Mr. Tony show and Jay Bilas said a) Michigan is not that great a job (if it were, wouldn't Tubby be there rather than Minnesota?) and b) that they will only be able to get a good "mid-major" coach or a guy like "Kevin Stallings from Vanderbilt." If Stallings wants the big time job (or wind up at his Alma Mater, Purdue), he should stay in Nashville and take Vanderbilt to the next level, a goal that is certainly within reach in the next year or two.

Stanimal said...

You missed my point Bobby.

The point was not that CKS is in some way planning on staying at Vanderbilt by not submitting for an interview, the point is that the fact that he does NOT want to interview helps us out because I don't think Michigan will be willing to offer as is.

Essentially, Stallings won't get an offer from Michigan unless he interviews.

Bobby O'Shea said...

I understand your point now, and I think that is very valid. I still think everything I said holds true, even if I was making a point not at all related to yours. I tend to wander, it's part of my charm...just ask me.