Saturday, March 17, 2007


That picture came from the front page of

Unbelievable. Amazing. Euphoric. Best game of the tournament. I don't know what to say.

Vandy beats WSU 78-74 in double-overtime. Sweet 16, here we come. Rubber match with the Hoyas.

If you were unfortunate enough not to have seen this game, go to any major news source right now to see why this is being called THE GAME of the tournament.

For everyone who did see the game, post a comment in which you detail the setting you were in and the way you reacted when the Commies knocked off the Cougars, or when Derrick Byars blocked Taylor Rochestie's breakaway layup that saved the game for Vandy in the first overtime.


Sol Blake said...

I don't know who tossed the game over to the VCU-Pitt game, but they possibly gave the MOST disappointed "unbelievable" I have ever heard. It sounded like they either went to WSU or had them knocking off Georgetown in the next bracket. They sounded bereft...who ever it was, early nom for hoser of the week.

Lauren said...

Team Garcia and Team Wagman, with our forces combined—Team Garwag, were holding down the west coast contingent of Vandy fans here in Manhattan Beach. The crowd at Sharks Cove was, as usual, a sea of beautiful people, and unique to today’s festivities, also a sea of green. The mood was jovial, yet at the same time, quite competitive. When Team Garwag arrived in Vandy apparel, comments and threats were made instantly. When we finally settled down at a table a next to our own personal TV screen, we were warmly welcomed by a neighboring table of your garden variety single, thirty-something, surfers/bar rats. We transformed our neighbors into Vandy fans and were both protected and unfazed by the lone Wazzu fan and his feeble attempts to threaten us with, “How’s your water?” and “Did you go to Sober University?” Our new friends proceeded to become more and more interested in the way Team Garwag would soon be celebrating our victory. Questions like “What happens when you get, like, really, REALLY excited?” were not readily entertained by team Garcia, who replied “WE WIN!” and later, “We like to high five!!!” Flash to Team Wagman, distracted by finding a dollar bill on the way to one of many bathroom breaks due to aforementioned water consumption. Suffices to say, by the second OT, Wazzu party of one, could no longer be heard. Dr. Garcia determined cause of death to be a fatal combination of tears and green beers. Team Garwag celebrated the big win by getting really, REALLY excited, and as Cristi predicted, high fives all around!

Go Vandy! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Matthew Fleischer said...

Fleischer found himself a lone Vandy fan at a bar on the upper east side in Manhattan. For those who care, it was Mustang, and yes, I haven't been there since I was 16. Over crowded with celebrants of the Irish occasion, the bar was unable to put the vandy game on any one of their many screens. So dissapointedly I watched the score ticker and played our fight song on my cell phone to keep my head in the game.
By the middle of the first overtime the CBS gods were kind enough to switch over to the west coast game. I taught everyone I knew how to answer the all important "Who Ya With?!" and we were off. I don't know if our boys could hear us chearing all the way on east 84th street, but New York City has never heard more Vandy chears before. Good win, Go Dores!

Anonymous said...

I caught OT and OT/2 at the bar at Bobby Van's Steakhouse in Wash DC. When we won, I let out a big "WOOHOO!!!!" and a couple slapped me on the back and said "congratulations". The VU Washington alumni club picked Summer's in Arlington as the game-watching spot, but that place sucks. Being in DC, Vanderbilt has gotten a lot of press with their crushing victory over GW and their upcoming game against Georgetown. Great job, Commodores!

J.B., M.D. said...

I can attest to the suckiness of Summers, as I was there for both the drubbing of GW and the best Vandy game I've ever seen against WState.

Although the bar sucks, about 45 or more Vandy fans attended and the bar was in an uproar at the conclusion. Black and Gold overflowed the formerly Green streets in excessive drinking celebration. Everybody's a Commie today!

Stanimal said...

We were all out at a wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma, watching yet another of our fraternity brethren sign his life away to marriage. The wedding was at 7:00 PM CT. At 6:55 PM CT, regulation was just ending, and there I was sitting at the bar in my hotel with 4 other viewers still watching the game. For a moment I considered what the backlash would be had I missed the ceremony and simply gone to the reception.......

And then I cracked and went to wedding, sprinting the entire distance between the hotel and the church and barely sneaking in just before the ceremony. A number of the boys were hand-signaling the score in the back of the church to one another as if we were giving Ricky Henderson the green light to swipe second base and when we found out we had won, we all let out a collective sigh of relief.

Some others of our group did in fact skip the ceremony, I won't reveal any names, but I will say a number of the VSL readership does in fact know who they are. The worst part was, the groom asked to release everyone from the church after the ceremony ROW BY ROW, so HE knew which individuals they were as well. Although being a huge Dore fan himself, I'm sure he understood.

Still, I'm glad to hear that I can watch the boys this Friday

Old Prospector said...

Watched on my computer at 3 favorite moment was seeing how fired up Cage was after he kept the ball alive and got it to Foster who knocked down the 3 to put us up 60-59.

Also, its not the rubber match...that would mean we'd won one against them. I guess it is if you mean it will determine whose season goes on. Ah, f it...go Dores.

Douglas James said...

I briefly joined the D.C. alumni crew at Buffalo billiards. And maybe others who were there could clear up something for me. Supposedly at the end of the game in the midst of the celebration a misguided waitress was trying to bring some pint glasses to some pissed off Texas A&M fans. Obviously it ended w/ an explotion of beer all over. Not sure if i was the one who knocked it over but i hope I was.

Seamus O'Toole said...

Buffalo Billiards in DC was pandemonium. Someone more eloquent than I will have to describe the incident Douglas James refers to. All I know is that with 50+ Vandy fans decked out and doing "Who ya with? V-U!" cheers throughout the entire game (representing by far the loudest contingent of fans for any game shown there on Saturday), it was epic.

Howell - I think this meets the definition of a rubber match. We beat them first game of the season in 2005, they beat us the first game of this season (2006), and now we face them in a winner-take-all and loser-pack-it-up rubber match (2007).

Old Prospector said...


I guess if you look at it that way, yeah, it is. I was just thinking about this season. Mostly b/c last season was such a disappointment. Anyway, like I said, GO DORES