Monday, March 5, 2007

SEC Basketball Pick 'em

Only seven people submitted picks. All those who failed to participate are hereby labeled yellow hosers, as I explicitly stated they would be.

Austen somehow went 20-4 in only four rounds of participation, making him the clear winner. His winning percentage was head-and-shoulders above everyone else. He gets a gold star.

The real winner this week though was John. He picked up roughly 40% of his season win total this past weekend by going 5-1 and jumping out of the cellar, leaving Papa O’Shea to wear that badge of honor.

Participants were ranked according to winning percentage and number of games picked, so perseverance was rewarded. Thanks for coming out.

Stay tuned for the soon-to-be-announced conference tournament pick ‘em.

Final Results:
1. Austen 20-4
2. Nick Johnson 24-11
3. Bobby O’Shea 22-13
3. Will 22-13
5. J.B., M.D. 21-14
6. Woody 23-18
7. Seamus O’Toole 22-19
8. Douglas James 19-16
9. Fitz 18-17
10. Chad 15-14
11. Kristin 11-7
12. Bobby’s Mommy 7-5
13. Stanimal 14-21
14. John 13-22
15. Catherine 10-14
16. Papa O’Shea 5-7


Stanimal said...

I was defeated by Kristin and Mommy O'Shea.

I am O'Shamed of myself.

Boyer in the District said...

Actually, the real LOSER here is all Arkansas basketball fans. Thanks, guys, for giving Stan Heath's career at the helm of the Hogs basketball program an extra inch of breathing room.

Unknown said...

Don't pretend like you're not impressed....

I think next time we should have some type of prize. I mean now that this has taken off we should make it a contest of sorts for the top spot, comments?