Sunday, March 11, 2007

Initial Thoughts...

Vanderbilt absolutely lucked out with a 6 seed. Throughout the day, Seamus and I were really worried about where Vanderbilt was going to be seeded. In 2004, the last time Vanderbilt made the tournament, they were both over-seeded and a 6 seed. This is a better team with a draw that shapes up fantastic for Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt opens up with George Washington (#11) on Thursday in Sacramento, and then (hopefully) faces the winner of Washington State and Oral Roberts on Saturday. If all goes well, Vanderbilt is looking at a match-up with Georgetown in East Rutherford, NJ in the Sweet 16.

GW is a very athletic and experienced team. They start 3 seniors, a junior, and a sophomore. They are 23-8, and beat Rhode Island to win the Atlantic 10 tournament. After losing 4 straight, GW rolled off 8 straight.

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Boyer in the District said...

I think I speak for everyone that reads this by saying that Arkansas has no business being in the field this year.

The sad thing is, I think they actually have a very legitimate shot to knock off USC in one of those common 12 vs. 5 upsets.

Stan Heath probably has a contract for life.

Boyer in the District

J.B., M.D. said...

I'm pretty sure most people with have ARK winning their first round game against a fated 5 seed [USC]. 7-9 in a weak SEC gets you in?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Brown - quit trashing the 5-7 upset for the year!

We can't get ahead of ourselves to the sweet 16 just yet. We can beat GW but its definitely not a lock.

Did anyone see what ESPN.Com said about ole' ted?